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Phoenix~They/Them ((You post here then))

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Maica walked into the room and looked around. "Oooh. This is a nice room. I wonder who my roomie is?" Maica talked to herself as she sat in one of the chairs and looked out the window.

Phoenix~They/Them Maya entered the room carrying a few books she took from the library, her amulet glistened a cyan blue as she entered, dressed in a males uniform instead of the females uniform(Like Maica she prefers pants XD and she somehow persuaded Mephisto to let her wear the males uniform).

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((Skirts are just the worst))

Maica turned around and saw Maya. "Hello Roomie." Maica said, smiling kindly. Maica noticed the amulet almost immediately and smiled. "That's a nice Amulet, pretty color." Maica said as she stood up. She had kept her sword on her back, wrapped in it's scabbard. Maica was also wearing the males uniform, whether Mephisto said to or not, she wasn't going to wear a skirt even if it killed her.

Phoenix~They/Them "Hi." Maya said with a small smile. "I'm Maya Rose, nice to meet you." She looked at her roommate. "So, why did the headmaster give us the Old Female Dorm building?" She asked.

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"Hm... Oh yeah. Only the humans live in the Female dorms. It'd be bad if someone walked in and their roomate was a demon. Hence why they separate us." Maica explained. "I'm Maica by the way. It's a pleasure to meet you, Maya." Maica said.

Phoenix~They/Them Maya nodded in understanding, her red tail uncurling from her waist. "Understandable." She said before smiling. "I dont really know my real parents." She sighed and sat down on a bed.

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"Hm... I guess we have that in common. I was raised by this human until she found out i was a demon." Maica said as she laid down on the other bed.

Phoenix~They/Them Maya stared at the ceiling "I was raised in a village by the elder but it was attacked by demons." She said.

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"Hm... Sounds rough." Maica said and looked at Maya. "So, Your like a half demon right? I know most people hate Satan, but it'd be interesting to hear your opinion about him." Maica said.

Phoenix~They/Them "Well, I dont know, my village was attacked by Astaroth and a couple of lesser demons(As a way of luring out Satan's other offspring which is Maya), on my way out my amulet gained a small cut on it and a flash of blue, the next thing I knew I had a tail, pointier ears, and sharper teeth, so I ran, I ended up here by pure luck." She explained(Letting her story unravel in rp :D).

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"Blue? By any chance did you see blue flames?" Maica asked curiously, for as far as Maica knew, this girl could of been one of the children of Satan that Mephisto had mentioned to her.

Phoenix~They/Them "I guess, I didn't really pay much attention." She sat up and said, "Why do you ask?"

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"Hm.. No reason. When You said 'flash of blue' my mind just went straight to Satan's flames." Maica said, laughing nervously.

Phoenix~They/Them Maya closed her eyes, "I guess." She sighed and sat up, "I don't start school until tomorrow but I start cram school today." She said, "I heard my teacher's name is Okumura Yukio, if I'm not mistaken." She smiled softly.

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"Oh yeah.. cram school totally forgot about that..." Maica said with a sigh. She put on her hoodie and hid her face. Apparently one of her siblings looked a lot like her, so she definitely wasn't going to go in there and start some drama. "Okumura..? I think Mephisto mentioned him.." Maica said to herself.

Phoenix~They/Them "Yeah, we should go then." She got up and grabbed her stuff that she needed.

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Maica grabbed her bag and a book, something about magic. (*Ahem* Obviously The Wandmaker XD) She walked to the door and opened it. "Kohai's first." Maica said, as she held the door open.

Phoenix~They/Them Maya nodded and left the room, heading to the Cram section(area).

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Maica closed their door and followed.

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