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Giki | 272 comments Esota the wife of jaak de Fleury (JdF), on seeing Claes with Tass imagines that she is being attacked and becomes wild with fright. For some-one who clearly did not expect visitors she is very elaborately dressed. Eventually Tobias manages to calm everyone down and alert her the identity of Claes. He escorts her to her room to rest. As she leaves she glances over her shoulder at Claes who is already trying to hide from her.
She does not return for dinner.
That night Tobias cannot sleep and whilst waking in the courtyard he is 'accosted' by Madame de Fleury who hurries off. He returns to his room. Everyone is asleep except Claes who has disappeared.
In the morning he is awakened by Julius with the news that Last night Esota was ravished by Claes. It is clear that she has a reputation for this kind of adventure and Claes is likely to be spared the death penalty but will suffer either a long imprisonment, or the loss of his hands and nose, or both.
Tobias claims to have spent the night following Claes and concocts an alibi to get him out of trouble. Claes is in prison again of course – locked in a cellar. Claes claims to have spent least night with the servants (there is another niece.... so presumably another by-blow?), he says EdF is abnormally made and JdF only married her for her money. She needs to feel desirable and this is her way of doing that. In a coversation That I don't totally understand Claes seems unwilling to take help from Tobie but eventually agrees. He also talks about how he does not want anyone to take revenge against the dF's, with potions perhaps. Tobias returns to his room and locks his medicine chest.
JdF seems satified with the story and eventually lets Claes go.
The agents of the Medici turn up and remember Claes warmly, this gets right up JdF's nose. Packages are exchanged and the agents try and have a sneaky look at everyone elses packages too.
Claes suggests that JdF is selling the de charettey cloth cheap as it is mouldy.
Loppe turns out he be a great singer, there is talk that me may be sold to the bishop of milan once they cross the alps.

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Yeah, I was a little confused at the same part. Haha. All the trading goes right over my head too. Lol

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Also, I am suspicious of Julius. -.- something is not right with this accident.

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