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Eeeek! I’m way behind and it’s Back to School week. I’ll catch up as soon as I can.
Pinkie Promise!

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Take your time, no rush. 😁

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Sue Marsh | 48 comments I sympathise Renee: I feel I’m plodding behind all the sprinters, but we’ll all get there!

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Chapter 10

The fellows head off to adventure crossing the mountains toward Geneva. We’ve got archers & cavalry, a cook, a smith, a musical monk, an African slave, and a physician (who seems kinda mysterious). They are also transporting things for the d’Medicis. Felix is jealous because Claes is getting all the attention, although the attention is leaving him with plenty of bruises. (Lucky there’s a doctor in the company.) But everyone seems to like him and enjoy his company. And he’s learning fast.

Julius and Tobias (the physician) have a conversation about Claes & his connection to Geneva. Julius worked for the deFleury family, too, but after Claes had gone to Bruges.

They arrive in Geneva & we meet Jaak deFleury, who seems like a pompous jerk, bent on making everyone feel inferior. Also maybe dangerous. Captain Astorre seems equal to stand up to him and they’re finally allowed to enter.

Unfortunately, soon after Madame deFleury starts screaming about Murder & Rape & Robbery. Oh, my!

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