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~KarenH~ | 8262 comments September Buddy Read

message 2: by cherryjellybeans (last edited Aug 26, 2018 09:10PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 181 comments Hi beppy, off to look at your shelves. I'm happy to read anything from these shelves meet and greet or meetgreet24 but I'm open to any romance really

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments Hi, Camille.

Some books we have in common from your mentioned shelves:

Corelli's Mandolin
The Obsession
Station Eleven
Jane Eyre (I've only read it once, a long time ago, so I'm up for a re-read.)

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cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 181 comments I have read Caraval already, are you interested in reading Legendary at all? Otherwise Station Eleven, Jane Eyre or Illuminae sound good if you want to read any of those?

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments I'm good with any of the three (Station Eleven, Jane Eyre, Illuminae). I haven't read Carnaval, and the only way I could fit it in would be to read it for a challenge like this, so unfortunately I can't read Legendary.

If I had to list my preference, I would prefer Illuminae over the other two, but it's really close, so whatever you want is good.

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 181 comments Would you be happy to read Station Eleven next month then? Jane Eyre is an annotated edition and I think Illuminae might be a little intimidating to finish with all the other reading challenge books I have set up this month?

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments Sure, that sounds good. I look forward to it. I've heard really good things about it.

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 181 comments Cool, do you want to let KarenH know then. We can work out schedule early next month. I'm a slow reader so whatever suits you.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments Do you want to try for a chapter a day? Or two chapters, since it looks as though there are 55 chapters? I checked the first two out, though, and the first one looks like it is 8 pages, and the second one is 4. And then discuss each day after we finish reading?

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 181 comments Two chapters sounds good beppy, will start tonight my time (AEST) and get back to you tomorrow.

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 181 comments It has beautiful prose and an uneasy stillness to it so far. It is more a love story to art and what it brings to others I think. I hope Jeevon can work things out too.

I might read three chapters tonight as 4 is only a page.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments The last one to die????!!! What the heck is this about? *runs off to check precis*

The writing is very fluid and picturesque. And I felt thrown/drawn in right away, even without knowing what is going on.

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 181 comments Me too. I want to fold under a blanket and follow the snowy steps of the characters to see where they lead.

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 181 comments Well that was utter chaos, wasn't sure I liked the writing in chapter 3 though.

Even though the author did a great job of portraying the uneasiness that the deadly virus is about to strike.

I might reread the fifth chapter before I start chapter 6 tonight. It may surprise me yet.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments Hmmm. I’m not sure how I feel about Jeevan. He seems to be really isolated, and not necessarily by choice. I hope that he gets a chance to live out who he is. I liked that Arthur’s ex-wife had true feelings of grief for him.
Chapter 5 was so stark, with the lists of what there wasn’t.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments Ooh. The future seems a little bleak, but not as grim as I thought it would be. (Mental note: buy a portable solar panel that will charge my electronic devices so that I have lots of books available to me...and music.)
It seems as though everyone is working together and not developing a hierarchy that can start conflict.

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cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 181 comments I have read as far as the end of the theatre section and I agree over the grief Miranda had for Arthur.

Jeevan does seem to have drawn the short end of the stick and hope that Frank and Jeevan have a peaceful end if they get struck down.

Miranda also seems lonely and I liked the way the author expressed that isolation of the characters through the snowy landscape and the foreshadowing of the lists to let the reader experience the poetry of the words on the page.

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 181 comments Up to chapter 11 now. Hmm, I wonder what happened to Charlie and her little family. I hope Kirsten and her fellow travellers can escape this town too. What do you think? is it some supernatural thing I wonder.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments Sorry, Camille. I've been sick. Nothing serious, just a cold, but since I rarely get them, it always feels like a BIG DEAL when I have them. Between that and work, I haven't really been reading.

I'm not sure about magic. "Prophet" always makes me think of cults, so if they left to escape him, the prophet would want them to be dead to the remaining townspeople. Or maybe they don't think they survived whatever they were forced in to?

I'm not sure where you're at in the story by now, so I'll go to chapter 17 and report back after I'm done.

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UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments Huh. Totally called the gravestones. I guess more people wouldn't want to leave because of the uncertainty of being on their own. I also called the author of the comics. I think that the "prophet" of St. Deborah might be Tyler, Arthur's son with Elizabeth, since he had a dog named Luli, and no one really saw Miranda's comic.

I kind of feel sorry for Miranda, since it seemed as though she really loved Arthur. And she was the one who gave Kirsten the paperweight? Why? How? I wonder if Miranda is still alive? I still want to find out about Jeevan, and am glad that he redeemed himself and found his calling, and even though he was doing his job, he was a jerk to Miranda. I wonder if he and Miranda will meet up after? I think that they would do well together, not necessarily romantically, since they both have an intrinsic loneliness and a sense of isolation.

On a personal note, I completely identified with Arthur about saying he was from British Columbia. People usually say they like Vancouver and (maybe) mention Whistler, but there is an entire province outside of those two areas. It's a good starting point, though. I actually live closer to Alaska than I do to Vancouver.

I'm very invested in the story, and the characters that are slowly being introduced. I like that the comic that Miranda created is being lived out in the actual story line by the people who survived the flu.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments I meant to say that I was glad that Miranda was happy, with spots of loneliness.

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 181 comments I'm only up to the start of part 3 because another book caught my attention this weekend. Will come back once I've finished that part of the book.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments Hmmm. I might have done some spoilering. Sorry. I think that there are only two more chapters to part 3 for me, so I will finish that.

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 181 comments No worries, I skimmed once I realised what had happened. I have been doing two chapters a day so I should be caught up soon.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments Have gone to the end of part 3. (Chapter 18)

(view spoiler)

I want to know what happened to Kirsten in the years between the flu and when she joined the Travelling Symphony. Maybe that's where she (view spoiler)

(view spoiler) I like that the Symphony takes care of each other, even if they don't all necessarily like each other.

Also, why did everything collapse? I mean, I get that an astronomical number of people died, but there should still be electricity and gas available. Even if everyone died who knew how to handle it, humanity should still be able to figure it out with everything that was left behind. The technology shouldn't have been affected by the outbreak. It doesn't seem as though there was an EMP, or anything.

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 181 comments just a quick update that I'm up to chapter 17 now and will read your posts and give my thoughts once I have finished this section. for now I don't like Arthur, or anyone else who has hurt Miranda in the story so far. I wonder how far the author will take the coincidences or chance meetings between the characters too. I hope she Miranda got to keep her dog too. I guess I will have to read on to find out.

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 181 comments After reading your comments again. I don't think I have much more to add to what's been said.

I'm not the biggest fan of Arthur here either. Perhaps everything got burnt down for safety after the flu outbreak?

I wonder how Kirsten meets Miranda as well. Interesting to see where the author takes this. I enjoyed the writing in the first section but it is a struggle to enjoy it now. Perhaps that was her intention.

Thanks for sharing that about British Columbia too. I live in Australia, where I heard recently that flat earth believers think that my country doesn't exist. Too funny how dense or gullible people can be.

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 181 comments Where would you like to meet up next in the book?

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments I haven't actually read anything past that point, so do you want to do the two chapter thing again? Or at the end of Part 4?

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 181 comments I'm happy to do the two chapter thing again. Will read chapter 20 today and come back later.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments Hmm. I think I like the"now" story better. I like learning about the "then" story, and I am curious as to how all the pieces fit together, but I want to find out how everything got the way it is without the "before" getting in the way. I think I would be all right with the non-linear story telling if it focused on everything that happened after the collapse.
Although my favourite characters have now changed a couple of times, and that may be because of how the story is put together.
I wonder how (view spoiler)

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 181 comments Yes, I do as well. She might make the symphony more wary of their surroundings than they do already. I think I like the now story better too because it isn't bitter like Arthur's story turned out to be. I highlighted a couple of quotes in the last two chapters as well because to me they described Kirsten's determination to preserve the past before the environment disappears completely. It's like through her eyes we see the true beauty of the story.

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 181 comments I'm an literature major obviously.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments Agggh!!! What is happening? Is it related to the unexpected passenger? Is it something else entirely?

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments So Kirsten and her brother survived the pandemic, but her parents didn't? How did that happen? Especially since (view spoiler)

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 181 comments I read ahead after what happened in ch 22 to middle of ch 24.
Arggh so many questions !

(view spoiler)

I think the title of the section might give us a clue but looks like today will be a big reading day.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments End of Part 5. Arthur seems lonely, too. It seems to me that this story, at the heart of it, is all about making connections, and those connections giving life meaning, nothing else. I think it would be very interesting to see Arthur with his son, see that relationship. It just seems as though the common theme running through every life is how alone everyone is, no matter when it takes place in the story.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments I thought about it a little more, and I have to say that I am frustrated with how no one seems to have a hold of happiness; they are always searching for something better. I remember, years ago, watching a clip from "The Hours", where Meryl Streep's character was talking about happiness, and how in one moment, she thought it was the beginning of happiness. But then, looking back at it, it was happiness, and that happiness is moments, and recognizing those moments, because it can never be a perpetual state of being. I thought it was very profound, and try to find the happiness moments in my life, even if it doesn't turn out exactly the way I planned, or look what I think it should look like.

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cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 181 comments I took a couple more days to catch up to you. I thought i may have rushed this part a little as well.

But it was interesting to note who gave Kirsten the paperweight and nice to know that Jeevan and Frank were together that long before they separated for good.

i thought it was strange that Clark's chapter appeared at the end of the now section too. I guess the author wanted to keep us guessing to where the symphony might have gone. Do you think the prophet might be Jeevan too?

message 40: by cherryjellybeans (last edited Sep 19, 2018 09:31PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 181 comments I haven't seen the Hours but this novel does remind me of the classic 'The Last Picture Show' though.

In many ways perhaps the characters are still adjusting to the world without anyone in it and maybe finding peace and happiness is part of that adjustment process?

I wish Arthur could have stuck at his relationships though and not gone to the next pretty thing he saw so quickly.

Will come back end of part 6 if its as quick a read as part 5 was.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments Whoa! I think you're ahead of me. Will read up to at least part 6 tonight.

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 181 comments No, I'm only up to chapter 40, was trying to keep up with you.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments Lol, I was back on 31. I've gone to the end of 41 now, though. There was a LOT that happened in this one. Finding out about the paperweight, Miranda, Clark, Jeevan. I still maintain that (view spoiler) I wonder what happens in Severn City with everyone?

I'm glad that that Jeevan and Frank were together, too, because even if they weren't talking, they didn't seem lonely. And pervasive loneliness and solitude seems to be the theme of the story. Everyone is so isolated and insulated, even if they are surrounded by other people.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments I get really immersed in the world right after the event. I want more of that.

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 181 comments Up to date. Just finished 41 now. Sitting in the sun outside my house at the start of the Aussie Spring.

I agree with you about part 6 too with the loneliness theme. I guess well hoping somehow Jeevan makes it to Severn city too? Perhaps the prophet could be any of these characters now except for Elizabeth. I wonder if the stowaway is a child of the prophet too?

It's kind of peaceful the way Miranda went. I liked the description of the settings between delusion and reality at the end of the section.

Check in at the end of part 7.

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 181 comments Haven't decided if I want to do a buddy read next month either. The sign up kind of crept up on me.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments End of part 7 thoughts:

- I like Clark and like what he did post event
- happy that Jeevan seems happy and living well, and also that was a long way to walk!!
-yay (view spoiler)
-Tyler (view spoiler) which probably means that I will end up liking him if his story gets told
-Elizabeth also seems to be not quite there
-I (view spoiler) I didn't enjoy "Lord of the Flies" for that reason.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments I noticed a difference in the way Miranda was handled, as compared to a lot of other parts. In spite of the fact that she was the one with the most imagination, her story was told without the symbolism and ethereal feeling that the other stories seem to have.

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 181 comments Just finished part 7

- I agree with your last comment about Miranda. Perhaps because there is two sides of her story - imagination I.e Station Eleven vs reality - her work life / Arthur. The author was trying to keep her reality dull.

- I enjoyed finding out that Clark and Jeevan survived and are living well in this after world. Same with Charlie and family.

- Tyler is definitely a creep . I also didn't like the way he and Elizabeth tried to enforce belief and reason on the others.

- is there two prophets in this world. Tyler and ?

- Do you think that Jeevan's prophet is the one that maybe took the Symphony?

Meet you back here at the end of part 8

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 181 comments I'm not sure if I will finish book by end of September. Will mod mind if we keep going in October until we finish the book?

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