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Fatal Glimpse
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Thriller/suspense/psychic vision/murder. [s]

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Kcoles | 3 comments Read book around 1985ish. All I remember is the protagonist having a searing head pain and seeing hammer blow coming towards her head, realises she is seeing a murder taking place. The murderer seems aware of her through psychic energy. He is called Raoul, I think he starts out riding a horse ,setting fire to a village, (Armenian Kurd?) he moves to the area she lives and I think I remember the reference to stucco front houses and Raoul being involved in working as a mechanic or something to do with boats! She follows her visions and follows him to where he lives. Desperate to find and read again.

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Kcoles, I've moved your thread down to Unsolved since that is where it belongs.

What age is this aimed at--I'm thinking either YA or more probably A, but thought I'd ask before making that assumption.

Any memories of the cover?

How did you find this book--the cover caught your eye, the blurb on the back, you saw a review, it was on the Our Staff Recommends shelf, a friend personally recommended it to you, it was required reading for school?

Kcoles | 3 comments It was aimed at an adult audience and had hammer murders and sexual and violent reference to male genitalia. After he(Raoul) kills a man, which I seem to remember was with his lover on a boat ,he cuts off his man's bit and sticks it into the dead man's mouth. I purchased it from Woolworth as a mass market novel in around 1984/85 and only have a recollection of a light of some kind, like a flickering candle on the cover. I think the author may have been female.I have always had an interest in stories about esp and quite sure the title was something like" in my visions"or" I see you ".

Kcoles | 3 comments "SO ECSTATIC" finally after years and years of searching for this book I went to bed and started to try to remember all I could from the time I found it in the book sale bin in Woolies ,the year I would have read it and desperately searched for alternative words to sum up the title . That night the title just popped back in "Fatal glimpse by Robert K Wilcox" I managed to purchase a copy from ebay and can't wait for my hols , so I can enjoy reading it over again. (won't be selling this one off in my next boot sale!) Thanks to all who offered help to find.

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Bargle | 1386 comments Link for the book. Fatal Glimpse.

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