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message 1: by Justin (new)

Justin (br0k3nglass) | 34 comments Hi. I recently made a post about this issue over in the book issues group ( but the problem wasn't resolved there, and I think a new edition of the book needs to be added.

I'm reading No One Is Illegal (ISBN 9781608468492), the second updated edition, which is 420 pages in English paperback.

The main issue is that there's no edition of the book on Goodreads which matches the edition I'm reading. Here's the list of editions on Goodreads:

The problem is that I cannot add a new edition myself because one of the existing editions on the site (listed as from 2017 with 245 pages) has the same ISBN.

message 2: by Lori (last edited Aug 24, 2018 10:21PM) (new)

Lori Goldstein | 37 comments I am starting to read the e-book version of "The Truth About Twinkie Pie" and when I went to add it as there wasn't a listing for e-book I got this error message:

"1 error prohibited this book from being saved:

Isbn13 is taken by an existing book with the title "The Truth about Twinkie Pie". Search for 9780316236713 in the header to view it. If you believe this is an error please double-check your data, then check the Goodreads Librarians group. ISBNs are optional so you can also add this book without an ISBN."

This ISBN is listed as being the hardback version. But when I checked the Los Angeles Public Library's catalog the above referenced ISBN is for the e-book version. I could not find the ISBN for the hardback in their catalog.

Thank you for your quick response on this matter

message 3: by Olivia (last edited Aug 25, 2018 01:00PM) (new)

Olivia (livka) | 7927 comments #2 changed format for ISBN 9780316236713 to ebook (as per what's printed inside the book (from preview)); also confirmed on WorldCat
The same preview lists ISBN 9780316236621 for Hardcover edition

message 4: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (livka) | 7927 comments #1 I added alternate cover edition here:

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