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message 1: by aisha (new)

aisha (askmeanything) | -31 comments Mod
Addison Cooper was at the super, super, super, super, big city library trying to pick which book to read this week. It takes her a week to read any book over 150 pages, so she just got into the habit of reading one each week.
She was looking for an eye-catching spine, but she just couldn't find one. But then again, she had tens of hundreds of rows left to look in.

message 2: by Hui Xin (new)

Hui Xin Luo | -477 comments Mod
Sky walked down the rows of books. Each she had read more than three times already. She didn't understand how humans thought that, that was a big library. They should see the one she had back home. And that was the one in her room.

message 3: by aisha (new)

aisha (askmeanything) | -31 comments Mod
Addison saw a girl walking down one of the aisles She had earbuds in her ears and it looked like she couldn't find a book either.
Eager to make a new friend, she approached her.

message 4: by Hui Xin (new)

Hui Xin Luo | -477 comments Mod
"Hey!" Sky said cheerfully to the girl approaching her.(btw, she is gonna be wearing a ring like mine. to show that she's the princess of elves. wait. imma make her the princess of elves AND faeries from her parents, then she herself is gonna be the princess of magic and all that)

message 5: by aisha (new)

aisha (askmeanything) | -31 comments Mod
(( ok ))

"Hi!" Addison replied cheerfully. "Can't find a book either, huh?"

message 6: by Hui Xin (new)

Hui Xin Luo | -477 comments Mod
"Yeah, I've been through all the books here quite a few times. There just isn't anything good. This is the only library within my range of places I'm supposed to go. So, yeah."

message 7: by aisha (last edited Aug 24, 2018 02:21PM) (new)

aisha (askmeanything) | -31 comments Mod
"All of them?" Addison asked amazed.

(( soon, Addison's gonna ask Sky to borrow one of her earbuds so she could listen to the music too and then *gasp* she sees Sky's elf ears! Lol ))

message 8: by Hui Xin (new)

Hui Xin Luo | -477 comments Mod

"Yeah, this is about the only place I can go to that's not home. Along with school and the Starbucks down the street."

message 9: by aisha (new)

aisha (askmeanything) | -31 comments Mod
"Omg, me too! Maybe, y'know, we could go there together sometime."

message 10: by Hui Xin (new)

Hui Xin Luo | -477 comments Mod
"Yeah!" Sky exclaimed. Then she chose another song on her phone, because 'Wolves' was too ugh for her today.

message 11: by aisha (new)

aisha (askmeanything) | -31 comments Mod
Addison glanced at her phone. "What are you listening to?"

message 12: by Hui Xin (new)

Hui Xin Luo | -477 comments Mod
"We'll be the stars because it's the only one suitable for my mood right now."

message 13: by aisha (new)

aisha (askmeanything) | -31 comments Mod
"Ooh, I've never heard that song before. Can I listen?" Addison reached her hand out for one of the earbuds.

message 14: by Hui Xin (new)

Hui Xin Luo | -477 comments Mod
Before Sky could respond. Addison had yank off one of her elf ears ear buds. Sky stood there hoping that Addison didn't notice her pointy elf ears.

message 15: by aisha (last edited Aug 25, 2018 11:50AM) (new)

aisha (askmeanything) | -31 comments Mod
(( lol okay... i just realized we never introduced our characters XD ))

Addison put the earbud in her ear and she loved the song. She looked up at the girl and said, "This is really-" Then she saw the elf ear where she took the earbud from.

message 16: by Hui Xin (new)

Hui Xin Luo | -477 comments Mod
((we shall achieve that in the next comments, but you introduce your character first))

Sky laughed awkwardly. "Surprise?"

message 17: by aisha (last edited Sep 20, 2018 05:40AM) (new)

aisha (askmeanything) | -31 comments Mod
"You're an elf? That is so....cool! My name's Addison, how about you?"

message 18: by Hui Xin (new)

Hui Xin Luo | -477 comments Mod
"And I'm Sky." Sky said giving a sly smile. She was used to awkwardness. Especially when her best friend at school found out she was an elf, then forgot and then found out again.

message 19: by aisha (last edited Aug 25, 2018 12:01PM) (new)

aisha (askmeanything) | -31 comments Mod
You're Princess Sky?!" Addison asked. "I've read about you!"

message 20: by Hui Xin (new)

Hui Xin Luo | -477 comments Mod
"Say what now?"

message 21: by aisha (new)

aisha (askmeanything) | -31 comments Mod
"Yeah! They have a whole section about you and your family upstairs!"

message 22: by Hui Xin (new)

Hui Xin Luo | -477 comments Mod
"You've got to be kidding me." Sky put her hand on her forehead. "Who was the author? Wait, let me guess. It must have been on of the retired servants."

((just put a random name that sounds Elf-y to you))

message 23: by aisha (new)

aisha (askmeanything) | -31 comments Mod
"Um, hold on, let me think...oh! It was Bella Lorelai!"

message 24: by Hui Xin (new)

Hui Xin Luo | -477 comments Mod
"Ugh-ck. She was my mom's old handmaidens from when she was as little as me."

message 25: by aisha (last edited Sep 20, 2018 05:41AM) (new)

aisha (askmeanything) | -31 comments Mod
((what is ck? I think you accidentally typed that XD))

"Oh okay. So I guess you haven't read all of the books?" She giggled.

message 26: by Hui Xin (new)

Hui Xin Luo | -477 comments Mod
((just a way to show that she's annoyed))
"It must be a new series or something because I haven't checked the books upstairs in two days."

message 27: by aisha (new)

aisha (askmeanything) | -31 comments Mod
"Well, it's not a series, just a one time book." Addison glanced at her watch. "Oh no! I'm late for dinner! Um, let's meet at Starbucks tomorrow at 2, alright?"

message 28: by Hui Xin (new)

Hui Xin Luo | -477 comments Mod
"Sure! Here, read Time Stoppers, it's a good book." Sky said shoving the book into Addison's hands.

message 29: by aisha (new)

aisha (askmeanything) | -31 comments Mod
"Thanks, see ya!" she said as she raced out the door.

message 30: by Hui Xin (new)

Hui Xin Luo | -477 comments Mod
"You know you have to check out that book before you leave, right?!" Sky whispered yelled at Addison while racing after her. "Also there's no running in the library!!"

message 31: by aisha (new)

aisha (askmeanything) | -31 comments Mod
"Whoops!" Addison said, stopping in her tracks. Then she speed-walked over to the front desk and checked out her book. She speed-walked back to the door and as soon as she was out of the library, she ran home.

message 32: by Hui Xin (new)

Hui Xin Luo | -477 comments Mod
"Wow," Sky said laughing silently. "Hmm, I wonder what her number is. Maybe I can text her." She checked the time. "Wow, now I'm late to dinner." She materialized upstairs and looked for the book Addison was talking about. As soon as she found it, she went downstairs to check it out.

message 33: by aisha (new)

aisha (askmeanything) | -31 comments Mod
Luckily, the run home was only five minutes. When Addison stepped in the door, everyone-her mom, dad, sister, and brother-were already eating.
"Sorry I'm late," Addison said sheepishly.
Her dad sighed. "You're always at the library for too long."
"It's because I couldn't find a good book! But I finally did."
Her mom took a bite of steak and said, "Just go wash your hands and come sit."
Addison's eleven year old sister said, "Ooh, Addy's in trouble.."
Her seven year old brother laughed.
"Be quiet, Linda," Addison said, rolling her eyes.
She went to her room to put her book down and washed her hands in her bathroom.

message 34: by Hui Xin (new)

Hui Xin Luo | -477 comments Mod
((apparently eating steak is against the religion for chinese people, but my mom said that she didn't care anyway, and she just told me like this summer so I was like, but you eat it and she was like, i can eat whatever I like so i was like, lol. i don't really care about that cause I'm more Hellenistic than Chinese))

As soon as she was out of the library, Sky put on her cloak of blue diamonds. It had special properties, such as turning the wearer invisible. She flew up to the sky to a group of clouds. Normally the entrance to her castle was the clouds, but if there weren't any, she would have to just fly all the way up in the exosphere. After she flew above the clouds, a stairway appeared along with heavily armed guards and trumpets appeared. She walked up the stairway as they played. Normally they would be too high up for anyone to hear them.
As she walked up another stairway up to one of the towers that was her room, her group of handmaidens helped her out of her cloak and dress. She would always wear her dance outfit under her normal everyday ones.
Then, her handmaidens dressed her in a white tanktop and shorts. But over her shorts, they helped her into a see through, blue dress that stretched all the way to her ankles.
When Sky was younger, she would complain because she felt bad having her handmaidens do so much things for her. But after all these much years, she finally got used to it, although having them take off her everyday cloths made her feel uncomfortable, so she would wear her dance uniform under them. She'd even made an excuse that she normally would practice dance right after she came home and she didn't want to change again. Her outfit would normally consist of a black/white tank top with black/white dress shorts.

message 35: by aisha (last edited Aug 26, 2018 01:39PM) (new)

aisha (askmeanything) | -31 comments Mod
(( oh ok lol and you wrote so much! lol ))

When Addison came to sit down, Linda was already done eating. Apparently, she thinks that she and Addison race to finish dinner each night, which is why she said, "HAHA! I finished before you."
"I don't care," Addison said, shaking her head. I wonder if Sky has to deal with annoying people like Linda, she thought.

message 36: by Hui Xin (new)

Hui Xin Luo | -477 comments Mod
A few minutes later, Sky was all prepared for the nightly feast. She was a vegetarian, so she would just eat her salad and then go dance.

message 37: by aisha (new)

aisha (askmeanything) | -31 comments Mod
After Addison finished dinner (finally), she did her dishes and raced upstairs to read the book that Sky had recommended. She lied down on her stomach on her bed. But it hadn't even been three minutes before her little brother Michael came in the door.
"Addyyyyyyy," he whined, "I'm boreddddd."
"Then go annoy Linda."
Mikey nodded and went in the direction of Linda's room.
Addison giggled and went back to reading.
Not even a minute later, Linda came in. "Addison!"
Addison turned on her back and put the book on her face and groaned. Can't I get a little bit of silence?! she thought miserably.

message 38: by Hui Xin (new)

Hui Xin Luo | -477 comments Mod
Meanwhile her castle, Sky was trying to get some of her training done when a herd of elves raced in. As if that wasn't bad enough, they were all boys.
"Eep!" Sky quickly raced down to the mortal world in just her dance out and her cloak. She located Addison and rang her doorbell.

message 39: by aisha (new)

aisha (askmeanything) | -31 comments Mod
For some reason, the doorbell was so interesting to Mikey and Linda. They raced to the door and surprisingly, Mikey made it there first and opened the door.
"Hi random person!" Michael said with a grin, waving his hand.
"Mikey!" Linda said, pushing him out of the way. "Sorry about that. He's just really weird."
"Hey!" he said from behind the door.

message 40: by Hui Xin (new)

Hui Xin Luo | -477 comments Mod
Sky thought Addison's little siblings were adorable. She could see their family resemblance. Before she could say anything, Addison came to the door.

message 41: by aisha (last edited Aug 26, 2018 03:51PM) (new)

aisha (askmeanything) | -31 comments Mod
"Oh, hi Sky!" Addison said happily.
"Who the heck is Sky?" Mikey asked.
"Michael! Linda! Go upstairs!"
"You can't tell me what to do," Linda said, arms crossed. Michael followed her example.
"Actually, I can, because I'm older than you!"
"Oh..." Linda said, going upstairs and Mikey following her.
"Sorry about them," Addison said. "So, what are you doing here?"

message 42: by Hui Xin (new)

Hui Xin Luo | -477 comments Mod
"Just barely escaping a crowd of boys. What's up?"

message 43: by aisha (new)

aisha (askmeanything) | -31 comments Mod
"Oh um okay? I was just reading the book that you told me to read."

message 44: by Hui Xin (new)

Hui Xin Luo | -477 comments Mod
"No, I didn't tell you to read it. I said you should read it." Sky corrected

message 45: by aisha (new)

aisha (askmeanything) | -31 comments Mod
"Well, either way, I was reading it," Addison said, giggling. "So...how exactly did you find my house?"

message 46: by Hui Xin (new)

Hui Xin Luo | -477 comments Mod
"Magic!" Sky said dramatically.

message 47: by aisha (new)

aisha (askmeanything) | -31 comments Mod
"Oh, um, okay. So, do you want to come in? After all, we've just had a conversation with you standing on my porch." Addison giggled.

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Hui Xin Luo | -477 comments Mod

message 49: by aisha (new)

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Addison took Sky up to her room and disappointedly said, "This is it. I bet your room is way bigger."
((Addison's bedroom is like the size of yours))

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Hui Xin Luo | -477 comments Mod
((kay, and Sky's bedroom is like the size of your whole house or something cause she's a princess and all that. lol))
"Well, obviously, I'm a princess, I only get the best of the best even if I don't want it." Sky said looking around.

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