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His Black Heart
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Erotica book, hero hates heroine cause she is a Muslim. [s]

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Amaterasu Uchiha | 3 comments Erotica book about an ex-military hero who hates the heroine cause she is a muslim, he hates all Muslims and sees them as terrorists cause when he was on a mission in the military he was betrayed and almost died and other people with him did die. He keeps her prisoner, treats her really badly but even tho he hates her he also wants her and struggles with it. It's part of a series. The previous one is about this hero who marries the heroine who was raised by a nun in a monastery or something similar, gets her pregnant and pretty much dumps her in the monastery and repeatedly cheats on her. Even when his daughter is born he threatens to keep their daughter away from her and does leave their daughter with the nun. If I'm not mistaken it's part of a trilogy and the heroes of each book are brothers

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Amaterasu Uchiha | 3 comments Damn girl you are my hero!!! I've been trying to find these series forever. Thanks!!!

Vellini | 25 comments You're very welcome :-)

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