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Henry (henrytaba12) | 13 comments Hi everyone,

The Death Messenger by Henry Taba
A message is delivered, the death answers his friend, both are connected. Moreover, the death has confirmed his imaginary demon which he thought ain't real. As he receives the death message of his girlfriend, he has no choice but just to dive deeper to understand the demon before he could avert the death of his girlfriend. How can Westcliffe prevent the death of people he loves when he is discouraged by the living? Consequently, his life is never the same again.

Hope you find the blurb is interesting. If not, share with me your thoughts by dropping me a message. Anyway, cheer and enjoy reading!

The Death Messenger
Here's the link:

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Henry (henrytaba12) | 13 comments The Death Messenger by Henry Taba

JessReviews wrote: "...The storyline was well thought out and I liked the idea of the death messenger and the demon..."

Hey guys, don't miss out this great review @ JessReviews & get your copy now @ The Death Messenger. Thanks Jess Peters for your honest review‼️🤘😄

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