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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 1112 comments This is for characters and information that is involved with this roleplay.

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 1112 comments (Under Construction)

Name: Bastet

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Godly Parent: Bastet (Egyptian Goddes)

Species: Demi- Goddess

Appearance: Appearance: Bastet is 5'1" with marble like porcelain skin, Silver dusted Onyx hair that flows in soft mellifluous waves to her lower back and cascades around her Heart shaped face that was blessed with a well-shaped nose and slightly full blushing lips that set off her deep Emerald eyes. She’s gone from almost too thin to a slender muscular built of a dancer that woke a new grace in her along with physical training that’s required of all Dark-Hunters. The only signs of her training are shown on her elegant petite hands and feet that are lightly callused which can easily be concealed. She is often seen wearing black skinny jeans that’s worn with a peasant like shirt of the same color which is often adorn with black and sapphire bodice. She’ll then round out her attire with a leather jacket with a slightly faded panther whose eyes glow emerald and black boots that is also her Dark-Hunter attire. She has the Dark-Hunter mark, a double bow with arrow on her neck near the collar bone.
Personality: Personality: Complicated would be the correct word to describe it. She went from happy, sweet, loving child to showing her true Scorpio self where everything when into major extreme mode. That night she lost everything, family, the love of her life and her humanity. Just as she was near death a woman, the goddess Artemis, approached with the promise of vengeance. In return for this gift she would join the ranks of the Dark-Hunters to protect the mortal world. Thus, she was trained as one of the fiercest warriors. As she saves the innocents of the world she herself can’t live while still bent making good on her vengeance pack and glorify in the blood of those who killed her family and Fiancé. It’s because of this even and the laws of the Dark-Hunters she doesn’t let others close. She is angry and doesn’t always play well with others. She comes of as cold and heartless but under that icy exterior is a warm heart. That is only shown to those she trusts, which is no one. Cross her and feel the wrath of unknown levels torture and pain.

History: Background: Unknown to Bastet, she is the love child of the Egyptian goddess Bastet, who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect her child from her enemies. Entrusting the child to a dear a faithful friend to raise among the mortal world. Her adoptive mother took her gladly as her own child had died in its birth. The child who was named Bastet after her true mother was raised by loving adoptive parents who kept this secret close to their hearts. Bastet grew into a beautiful child with traits of both of her mothers. It wasn’t until her high school years that things began to change for her during a failed attempt on her life. But the details are sketchy do to the interference of the goddess Bastet. As time went on Bastet developed into an extraordinary lady. Beauty, intellect, and a fierceness that helped her become successful and engaged to the love of her life. It wasn’t until that very day of her wedding. The day she lost everything. As she stood to take her vows tragedy took place. Before anyone could react, it was a massacre. Every life was taken…. Even though she fought to protect those she loved. As she laid dying a woman appeared to her, the goddess Artemis, with the promise of vengeance. In receiving this ultimate vengeance, she would become a member of Artemis’s Dark-Hunters to protect the mortal world from danger. It only took moments for Bastet to accept and begin her journey as a Dark-Hunter. Now years later she is still answering the call to help those in need, taking icy pleasure in taking down the enemy.

Godly abilities:
Clairaudience- The ability to aurally perceive words or sounds origination on the spiritual plane but also can hear sounds of low/high frequencies not able to be heard by people. The strength of this gift depends on how concentrated empathy is that has this gift
Chronokinesis- The ability to manipulate time only if she has the precise time and place.
Farsight- The ability to see the events or possible events of the past, present, and future though Precognition and Clairvoyance. Which is the ability to perceive events before or have already happened in known or unknown places in vague or clear dreams when sleeping or daydreams.
Shape-shifting: She can change into most felines or in a puma form
She also has the natural gifts of a demi-goddess…

Non-Godly Talents:

Atlantean Dagger: A dagger with short wavy etching-covered blade from hilt to point. The only blade that can kill a Charonte demon (god killers)
Katana: Japanese single edged longsword.
Shuriken: Throwing stars
Srad: A circular dagger that’s a Celtic blade
Two double barrel shot guns

Family: All deseased



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