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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA book about a loner student who writes everything she sees in a diary including when she witnesses her teacher commit a crime

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Katherine Hunziker | 1 comments Looking for a youth/young adult book that came out probably ten years ago. It is about a student who mostly kept to herself and wrote constantly in her diary. One day she witnessed something (maybe a crime?) that her teacher did and wrote about it in her diary. She started having trouble sleeping and her teacher gave her something to help her sleep, but it was really just drugs that made her memory foggy. She started writing the word "reverie" countless times. One day she had to stay late for a group project and got locked in a room. While she was in there, she wrote a math equation purposefully wrong on the window so her partner would see and know she was in trouble.

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Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6966 comments Mod
Katherine, is this a single book that you want found? Or are you being oddly specific in what kind of books you want?

If it's a single book, you should move your thread up to Unsolved: One specific book. This folder is for people looking for references for a type of book, not a specific book.

If you are on a computer (NOT the app) you can change it by hitting the EDIT key at the end of your thread title. Then change the folder heading. If you are using the app, just say that and one of the mods will move it for you.

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Moved to Unsolved.

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