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message 1: by Shereen (new)

Shereen Vedam | 11 comments Coven at Callington
Coven at Callington (The Cauldron Effect, #1) by Shereen Vedam

Genre: A whimsical, alternate-history fantasy romance.

Perfect Audience: Fans of the Georgian/Regency era who also love fairy stories, romance, adventure, and the occasional talking broomstick.

Premise: While on an urgent mission to rescue a child suspected of being kidnapped by a ruthless warlock, a devout church guard and a fierce coven protectress struggle to come to terms with what is good, and what is evil.

Cost: Sale Price $2.99 US while on pre-order and during release week.
Regular Price $4.99 US
Also available in paperback for $12.95 US

Releases September 4, 2018, exclusively on Amazon.

message 2: by Gary (new)

Gary Harvey | 18 comments Ah, "Perfect audience."

What a great idea. I've been struggling with how to turn away the readers who will give me more 1-star and 2-star ratings. In other words, how to let "my tribe" in, and keep out those with different values and preferences.

Wish I'd seen this idea of defining your perfect audience earlier. THANKS for posting this.

If you're interested in a good clean read (no sex, no swearing, no graphic violence), here's the book I'm talking about.

Ironically two hospital emergency room staffers gave exact opposite responses. 1-star with scathing comments. And 5-stars who loved it. And many other reviewers who are similarly divided.

message 3: by Shereen (new)

Shereen Vedam | 11 comments Welcome, Gary, lol.

I mentioned that to intrigue those whose eyes might glaze over at the title, to say this book is more than just a witch story.

You make some good points, though.

I also tend to have readers who either love my books or hate them.

All part of the business.

Everyone has different tastes. That's what makes us different and unique.

Good luck with your book!
Take care.

message 4: by Diane (new)

Diane Rapp (dianerappauthor) | 94 comments Gary, Glad to read that this series is a clean read. Got intrigued enough to get the first one. The titles and book covers might have kept me from reading, but now I'll give them a try.

You might want to check out my clean reads as well. Diane Rapp

message 5: by Gary (new)

Gary Harvey | 18 comments Oh?
The titles might deter you from reading?
The covers might have kept you away?
I'd love to know more about that, Diane... because that's the last thing I'd want. They're supposed to do the opposite.

PS: Visiting your link now...

message 6: by Diane (last edited Aug 28, 2018 08:47AM) (new)

Diane Rapp (dianerappauthor) | 94 comments Gary,

It was a first impression. Reading the description of the first book helped, but when you posted here that the book is a clean read, that made me more interested. I don't read books with blood, guts, and swearing--I strictly avoid vampire and zombie books. If I do make the mistake of getting one, I often fast forward past scenes I dislike, and will warn readers in a review that I post. If I really don't like the book, I stop reading and don't post a review.

Your first cover looks like a mummy and the eyes show terror. That would not draw me in quickly. There is nothing mentioned in the couple of book descriptions you included that tells readers it is a clean read, so that might help my kind of reader. Many cozy authors use blood or thrilling titles, but we need something to tell us the book won't offend. Don't know if that helps.


message 7: by Gary (new)

Gary Harvey | 18 comments Thank you, Diane, for taking so much time to help me with this. Very much appreciated.

The last sentence of the "Sudden Death" description currently says:
"They are all PG-rated."
However, in view of your comment, I have just submitted this expanded version:
"They are all PG-rated clean reads, devoid of gutter language, graphic violence and sexual descriptions."

Whatcha think?

message 8: by Diane (new)

Diane Rapp (dianerappauthor) | 94 comments I think that helps readers looking for suitable books.

message 9: by Gary (new)

Gary Harvey | 18 comments Thanks, Diane.

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