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Enemy of the State (Mitch Rapp, #16)
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August 2018: Espionage > Enemy of the State - Kyle Mills - 3 Stars

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Enemy of the State is the sixteenth novel in the late Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp series, but the third story written by Kyle Mills. Admittedly, Mills had some very large shoes to fill when taking over this series, and has done a good job with the first two Rapp novels that he wrote. This third one disappointed me.

Mitch Rapp is asked by the president to embark on a mission without the support of the CIA or his deep roster of highly skilled allies. As in many of his past clandestine operations, should he be captured, his involvement with any U.S government agencies will be denied. But on this mission, Rapp is asked not only to operate completely outside of the agency, he will also be actively pursued by the very people he has so long relied on to back him up. He is forced, therefore, to assemble a whole new team and chooses a mix of some shady characters from his past.

I have loved Mitch Rapp and Vince Flynn for many years. They are among my favorites in the espionage genre, along with Gabriel Allon and Daniel Silva. That is what makes this so difficult to say: Kyle Mills has fallen short on this one, and I think Vince would be disappointed. Sending Mitch out totally on his own and having him put together a team of some of the people he’s worked with in the past, some of whom have actually been his enemies on past missions, felt so forced and unbelievable. And even the ending of the book was completely anticlimactic. It almost seemed as if Mills either grew tired of writing, or was up against a deadline and needed to end quickly. This kind of ending never happens in this series of books and it just made it even more disappointing. Again, I enjoyed the first two books he did after Vince died, but this one missed the mark. The only reasons I did not put the book down was my love for this character and this series and my hope that the storyline would right itself. I was really disappointed with this story I hope the next Mitch Rapp mission is as good as they used to be.

Joanne (joabroda1) | 8431 comments I gave this one 4 stars for a lot of the same reasons. I thought, at the time, that they were just cranking books out so readers would know they were continuing the series. There were a few after this one that I was not so happy about, but as a whole I think Mills is doing a good job and keeping true to the character of Mitch

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I think Kyle Mills has done a wonderful job. I can't imagine trying to fill Vince Flynn's role in keeping this series going. I'm not sure I would have the guts to keep this story going but he sure does. It was only this one that I didn't like so much. I'm sure the newer one will be better. Its obvious so many still like this series because he has been signed on to do another three for this series. I'm hopeful.

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