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message 1: by Jeanne (new)

Jeanne Blasberg (jeanneblasberg) | 49 comments Happy Thursday - BTW what a fun week this has been!

I have joined in over 80 book club discussion since Eden's release in may of 2017. I would like to throw out a topic to start the discussion... it is one that I have talked about in person with readers often....

Despite, the novel's title being Eden, many readers skim over the biblical allusions, while others are totally with me.

The family home is named EDEN by its builder and family patriarch, Bunny Meister. It is a beautiful home with a lush garden - yet for many of its inhabitants it is more of a prison than a paradise.

There is a corrupting force that enters the garden early on, just like a serpent

There is a huge cleansing flood (in the guise of, you guessed it, the 1938 hurricane!

There are other biblical allusions, specifically my characters are aptly named to represent the matrilineal line in Genesis. In addition my heroine is named Ruth, and is a wonderful daughter-in-law and friend inspired by the Book of Ruth.

The family's saviors are named Joseph and Benjamin.....

Any thoughts? The book can be thoroughly enjoyed without understanding the above mentioned references, but I love stories that are tied to our civilizations earliest stories. As family units we haven't changed all that much.

message 2: by Beverly (new)

Beverly I wondered about Eden and wondered if there was an allusion to the Garden of. I think it is quite fascinating that you use such Bibical allusions.

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Jeanne Blasberg (jeanneblasberg) | 49 comments Thanks - I've always loved books with symbolism and deeper meaning - I guess for my first novel, I was quite ambitious.

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