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Jeanne Blasberg (jeanneblasberg) | 49 comments Guest Reader Review by Suzanne Leopold

Becca Meister has spent all of her summers living at her family’s estate in Rhode Island. The property is named “Eden” and has been owned by her family through multiple generations. Now in her 70’s, Becca is the current owner along with her two brothers. Her secure life becomes unhinged after her husband's death . She finds out that he has mismanaged their retirement funds and she can no longer support the upkeep on the house. She is forced to reach out to her family for help.

Fearing that this could be her last summer in Eden, she invites her children along with her brothers and extended family to celebrate July 4th. With the entire clan present, she hopes to secure a future for Eden. Becca decides that it's also time to reveal some Meister family secrets that originated in the house.

The mystery unfolds with Eden as a common thread that keeps the family connected. Throughout the highs and lows of each individual story, love and family prevails. I enjoyed reading this family saga by Jeanne McWilliams Blasberg.

Jeanne Blasberg (jeanneblasberg) | 49 comments Guest Reader Review by Donna Hines:

Underneath the current responsibilities of raising a family, being a steward, tending to the needs of others is Becca with a stunning secret of her own.
How will Becca's daughter Rachel and this electrified yet strained relationship respond to this new found revelation.
The question most concerning is how her own family will respond to Becca's announcement and what will become of the homestead and illustrious home her father eloquently coined,"Eden."
Magnificent in all its splendor this is one to captivate all ages.
Lovely story, beautiful characters, heartwarming plot.

Jeanne Blasberg (jeanneblasberg) | 49 comments Guest Reader Review by Kristen Swanson:

Eden is teeming with secrets, courage, strength, abundant with tales from a dysfunctional family, and with a message that the spirit of family, though dim at times, can prevail anything that is set as an obstacle. With its' multi-dimensional and multi-generational characters and setting, Blasberg has hit it out of the park with her first novel. I cannot wait to see what she has coming for us next. I highly recommend Eden and it's a strong contender for my favorite novel so far this year.

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