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The New World Order: Two Worlds, One Order
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Young adult science fiction/ fantasy/ adventure book, invasion of earth with airships. Spoilers ahead. [s]

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U 25x33 I read this book when still in high school or middle school about 10 to 12 years ago. This is the best to my ability as close as I can remember the beginning of the book and general plot after that. The book starts with a prologue of a man I believe by the name of John donder or something similar but I can not find on search's with Google. But anyway it starts with him walking through the country side I believe it correlates with a location on Earth but don't know where specifically but I want to say England I dont know why. He stops at a town inn where in he ends up sleeping with a woman there and her getting pregnant he then disappears. It then fast fowards to the child being older. After this a fleet of enemy warships commanded by the man from the prologue comes to the area to take over and that the man was scouting the area for invasion by his nation's fleet of airships, like blimps not planes I believe, they come from another dimension or world I cant remember, and it follows the child and flashes to the commander from time to time as it deals with the invasion of the Earth and trying to stop the invasion by the local militery and with the relationship of the child with the commander. Hope this helps and someone knows this book better than I do sorry about the vague details after the start but it's all I can remember and can't get any help from searching the Internet. Thanks in advance and good luck.

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Christopher | 2 comments That would be the one on the top of my brain but couldn't bring it home haha. Thanks very much for the assistance

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