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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 1112 comments This is for characters and information that is involved with this roleplay.

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 1112 comments Name: Nefertiti (aka Nefera)/ Nefer (disguised as a man)

Faction: (Country of origin) Egypt

Religion: Complicated

Appearance: (Description and/or Picture)
As a Man: She keeps her onyx hair cut at shoulder length and straight. She is often dressed in a shirt and pants when not in armor which is mostly never. She always keeps a short dagger hidden on her. She is slender and well built but is shorter than most of the men she fights with.

Her true appearance

Traditional Clothing:

History: (How did she get to where she is now): The Princess Nefertiti was sent to the leader of the Christian crusaders as a peace offering and a gift. Without given a choice she did as she was commanded and allowed her self to be taken from her home as a prize. While being transported across the lands her caravan was attack by Mongols. Many were killed in the attack. Fortunately she had been trained to fight because the Sultan enjoyed the entertainment of two women engaging in battle. So she was able to escape, but very aware of the dangers to a woman that lurked in the shadows. She then decided that she would take the armor of a one of the chariot soldiers to hide her identity. After concealing her original clothes on an undamaged chariot, she got in and began her journey to her destination. When she arrive, she reported the attack saying that she was the only survivor to the man in command.

Title:(nobles often have fancy titles.) Princess/ Nobility

Weapons/ Skills: (How does she fight, what does she know how to do?)
She was educated to be a lady of the court. This consist of a lady's behavior in court. This education also included learning to sing, dance and to play instruments.
She was well educated without her father's knowledge in other skills. She was taught to read and write in her own language but also others. She was also taught minor mathematics.
Once old enough she trained in hand to hand combat, most weapons but weak at using certain ones.
She was trained at a young age. What started out as a means of defense became entertainment to Sultan and nobles. As she grew she wanted to learn more than was required for entertainment. She was trained in secret by a tutor who was told by an Farseer that he was the only one to do this. He would be helping the future of the kingdome.

Traditional Clothing:

Other: (Other relevant info):

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