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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 1112 comments This is for characters and information that is involved with this roleplay.

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 1112 comments Name: Vanyel Stardancer k’Treya-Ashkevron
Titled: Herald Vanyel

Nickname: Moon or Van

Age: 18

Species: Human/ Herald-Mage

The pic is of Vanyel in her Herald-Mage Whites and her Companion Yfandes.

Gender: Female

Personality: Vanyel is mostly withdrawn and is only mildly close to a few people. The exception is Yfandes who knows that Vanyel is a loving caring person like everyone else. But because of her tragic past that has caused her to fear any closeness will come off as being ice cold, uncaring and uninterested. Vanyel has issues in finding any good about herself tragic past but Yfandes would disagree with her.

Sexuality: Currently in question

Alliance: True Neutral (Balanced)

History: Vanyel and Moonwind are twins. These ladies are decedents of the Herald-Mage Vanyel Ashkevron, shadowstalker-demonsbane who was known as the most powerful Herald-Mage in his time who gave his life to protect his people and the kingdom he served. They were raised among the Tayledras and the Shin’a’in. By the age of ten Moonwind was showing some talent as a mage and Vanyel was proving to have the Bardic gift. As it turns out Vanyel found herself on the way to the Bardic Collegium in Valdemar while Moonwind would stay where she was. Moonwind grew in her training and when she showed a touch of empathy she was sent to the Healer’s Collegium also in Valdemar. By then then four years had passed and it was Moonwind that found a lifebond who was a Herald along with being chosen herself. Months later her lifebond along with his Companion is murder. This doesn’t just effect Moonwind but also Vanyel because of a Blood oath that they took when their parents were murdered protecting the Pelagir Hills making them almost as close as if they were lifebonded. To help Moonwind to quell the madness for both, Vanyel lets her sister convince her to help in a plot for revenge. Which turns badly when they gate and find the killer. Unable to control the desire for revenge Moonwind loses control causing her Companion to madness who’s trying to protect her. In turn the Companion rejects her with her dying breathe to save the twins but instead causes her to go over the edge. In the meantime, Vanyel is weaken by the backlash of the magic for the gate, the death and rejection of her sister’s Companion as she is also fighting. Before Vanyel can get to Moonwind she takes her own life nearly killing her while they’re still linked. As Vanyel’s life drifts to the darkness she hears a voice that brings her back. When suddenly she wakes in the Healers Collegium she’s overwhelmed with the event of some days ago and escapes into the gardens where she is stopped by a blur of pearl white and midnight blue and a voice that spoke gently. “Do not fear, Chosen, you’re safe and loved. I am here always.”

Origin(Kingdom/city): Haven

Magic (If they have any): The Companion, Yfandes, who chose Vanyel causing her to become what is known as a Herald-Mage. He shares the gift of Mindspeech with his Chosen and is of great intelligence and is often mistaken as just a horse that is pearl white with midnight blue in his mane and tail. A Companion is an otherworldly creature that resembles a magnificent snow-white horse that has the same intelligence as a human and you’ll often hear Vanyel refer to him as an intelligent handsome man that just happens to come in the shape of a horse.
(Details): Bardic-gift is a projected Empathy or ability to manipulate an audience’s mood through music along with the creative gift in which you create and compose original music or the musicianship in which you have the ability to perform or all three. Mindspeech: The ability to speak or to project thoughts to another with your mind: you can have just one or both. Fetching: the ability to retrieve an object or person from a distance but only if the object or person is known. Mage-gift: the unique abilities of a magic use who can tap into the magic of their environment naturally or even people (rare). Farsight: the ability to see future events through visions, dreams, etc. Firestarting: The ability to start fires at will if trained (rare). Empathy: the ability to feel others emotions the degree of that feeling may vary. It is also important to know that it is rare for a person to have all these gifts and all of them be strong.

Weapons: Skilled in various types of blades

Friends: None (still in a healing process)

Likes: Being a Herald-Mage, Yfandes (Companion), and Secrets

Dislikes: Anything involving her past, those she sees as enemies real or otherwise

Other: Moonwind Tylendel k’Treya-Ashkevron is Vanyel Stardancer k’Treya-Ashkevron twin that died by tragic means.

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