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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 1112 comments This is for characters and information that is involved with this roleplay.

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 1112 comments

Name: Amy Winston

Hero Name: Princess Amethyst

Age: 16 as Amy / 20 as Princess Amethyst (This is because of the time distortion that’s normally between earth and the Gemworld, but now that line is blurred. View history)

History: Complicated to say the least... Princess Amethyst, the daughter of the ruling House of Amethyst, was orphaned by Dark Opal of the House of Opal. Following the death of Amethyst’s parents, the witch Citrina whisks her away to be reared in safety by the Winston family on Earth. At the age of thirteen, Amethyst is attacked by Dark Opal. After her return to Gemworld, Amethyst discovers her magical powers and gains the appearance of an adult woman. It turns out that the most powerful magic users in all of Gemworld are from the House of Amethyst. Amethyst decides to use her powers to rebel against Dark Opal's oppression over Gemworld. After befriending the winged unicorn Max, Princess Amethyst journeys in search of allies among The Twelve Kingdoms of Gemworld that do not support Dark Opal. She is successful in rallying support from most of the other House and gains friendship in Lord Topaz, Lady Turquoise, and Princess Emerald (Emmy). After the defeat of Dark Opal, the liberation of Gemworld, and Amethyst's returned to Earth. During that time and the aftermath of Dark Opal's defeat, conflicts arise among the other Royal House of Gemworld that causes friction throughout the surrounding kingdoms. It is when the Lords of Chaos, a new enemy, rise once to try and capitalize on Amethyst's absence and threatens to overtake Gemworld. It is during this time Amethyst learns from Doctor Fate that she is a member of the Lords of Order as her father was. But that she is unique among the Lords of Order as the only one to be born in a truly human form. After struggling with this revelation, she finally accepts her destiny and battles the Lord of Chaos known as The Child and his servant Flaw, the Gemstone Golem. After defeating Flaw, Amethyst ends the battle between herself and The Child by merging him with Gemworld. As a consequence, she is forced to merge with The Child. It is about two decades later (time passes differently in Gemworld) when she awakes again. Now Lord Topaz and Lady Turquoise are married and have three children: twin sons Wrynn and Donal, and four-year-old daughter Amber. Seduce by dark magic Wrynn he accidentally summons Flaw back to life causing the rise of Mordru in the form of Wrynn when. With the help of Flaw and The Lords of Chaos, Mordru transforms himself into a powerful sorcerer. He would become Amethyst's greatest enemy and goes on to plague the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th Century. After his transformation into Mordru, Wrynn sets off on a conquest which eventually leads to a confrontation with Amethyst and in which Flaw is destroyed. Amethyst pursues Wrynn across Gemworld where they battle a second time. Meanwhile, The Child returns and abducts a now adult Emmy (the young Princess Emerald) from Earth. He plans to use her as leverage for Mordru in order to defeat Amethyst. The ploy eventually fails as Donal arrives to help Amethyst, who is able to temporarily restore Wrynn to his former self. Wrynn begs Donal to free him from Mordru's influence by killing him. Before Donal is able to fulfill the request, he is distracted by Topaz's objections. This distraction allows Mordru to regain control of Wrynn and kill Donal. Enraged, Amethyst pulls The Child out of Emmy's body and banishes him back to Gemworld. Once there Mordru is sentenced to banishment from The Twelve Kingdoms of Gemworld following his defeat. Amethyst, dissatisfied with this sentence and angry over Donal's murder, banishes Mordru into Gemworld by merging him with the planet where he remains for many years. It is then that Amber is revealed to be Amethyst's daughter, not Topaz and Turquoise’s. She also realizes that the end of her time on Earth has brought an imbalance to the forces between order and chaos, therefore Amethyst charges Emmy with the care of her daughter and takes them both back to Earth. Amethyst then returns to Gemworld and merges with the planet until she would be needed again. Being needed once more, the reappearing Amethyst has a battle with Spectre and survives the attack. Then later appears among the magical beings who are summoned to reconstruct the shattered Rock of Eternity. She is seen once again where she and other sorcerers pool their powers to summon the restored Spectre to Stonehenge. In the aftermath of this Infinite Crisis, all of the other Lords of Order have been apparently destroyed by the Spectre, which signaled the end of the Ninth Age of Magic. Amethyst is currently the only known surviving Lord of Order in the Tenth Age of Magic. All of this resulted in her having no memory of her daughter, Amber, or Emmy who was once a princess of the house of Emerald. Since she was no longer need she faded back into the myst once more until she would be needed again. Which seems to be now. Newly awakened she was brought back to earth to be a hero once more. Confused with the ability to be both Amy and Amethyst and the slow return of her memories cause unforeseen challenges for her. Hopefully she’ll be back at full strength when extreme danger makes its appearance.

Call sign: None yet


Written Description:
hair color: Blonde
eye color: Violet
height: 5’8” as Amethyst/ 5’1” as Amy
body type: Athletic Slender as Amethyst / Amy
skin tone: porcelain to a light tan

Personality: As Amy she is a ‘normal’ sixteen-year-old that just happens to have a huge secret. Most of the time she is nice and kind but has also been known to have a temper that can sometimes erupt. She tends to be the ‘quiet one’ in the room.

Hero Appearance:

Hero Personality: As Amethyst she is an adult. She is charged with the responsibility of being the guardian princess of her world and a Lord of Order. While playing the part of princess she is kind, gentle and sweet with a firm side that makes her a good leader but beware of the hidden extremes that hide beneath the surface. When she shows her fierce warrior side. She will fight until the end. She has no tolerance for those who do harm or oppress others. Even so, she is often more out going and willing to speak her mind.

Powers and Skills: As Amethyst she is the most powerful magic user on Gemworld as her power rivaled only by Mordru. She possesses a host of powers, including flight, spell-casting, energy manipulation, matter transmutation and can tap other sources of magical energy to amplify her own powers. She is powerful enough to engage in battle with the Spectre and survive. Here is a list of other powers: Agility, Blast Power, Dimensional Manipulation, Divine Powers, Energy Manipulation, Energy Shield, Flight, Force Field, Healing, Intellect, Leadership, Longevity, Magic, Telekinesis, Unarmed Combat and Weapons’ training. Which she had to re-awaken many of these after they’ve been dormmate for so long.
Yet as Amy she's just a "normal" girl that has minimal fighting skill but is intelligent. (She is her weakest in this form)

Family: Natural Family
Mother: Lady Amethyst (mother, deceased)
Father: Lord Amethyst (father, deceased)
Citrina (the nanny that save her after her birth and guards her when she returns / deceased)

Adopted Family
Mother: Marion Winston (adoptive mother / deceased)
Father: Herb Winston (adoptive father/ deceased)

Sister/ Replacement: Emmy/ the youngest Princess Emerald (deceased)
Daughter: Amber (Status Unknown) / Note: Amethyst has no memory of her and thinks that she is Emmy’s daughter.
Differences between normal and hero: She had lived on earth and the Gemworld. She is two different ages with different skills.

Other: Time flows differently in the Gemworld but now she can use both forms on earth

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