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Tomorrow I'll Be Perfect
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Book & Author Page Issues > a very incorrect entry that should be combined with a slightly incomplete entry

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Hi. I'm new here, and I hope I'm doing this right - and in the right place. If not, I'm very sorry.

I was looking for a book I'm about to start reading, and found its entry on Goodreads. The title is wrong/incomplete (it's actually called "Tomorrow I'll Be Perfect," not "TOMORROW/PERFECT"), the author's last name is spelled wrong, the co-author is omitted altogether, the pagination is missing, there's no book cover. There's not a lot of info, in general. They got the ISBN right, though. Here's the entry I'm referring to:

An earlier edition of the same book has an entirely separate entry. It's a little bare bones itself, but better:

Is there a way for the grossly incorrect entry to be tidied up and combined with the more-correct entry? Is there a way for me to add pagination (179 pages), and binding (mass market paperback) to the entry? Is there a way for me to add a cover image (I made a great high-res scan of the cover)? I work in the library industry and have OCD, so I'm probably going to lose some sleep over all this...

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Or perhaps it would be easier to delete the bunk entry entirely, and just add a new edition to the passable entry? I don't know, I'm just thinking out loud here!

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Scott | 27300 comments They both have valid ISBNs so they both need to stay. I have fixed the author's name and the title, and combined the editions so they are linked. Added co-author and fixed some other info.

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