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muuumew | 1619 comments A bar run mainly by the White Fang. Violent people reside in it, and if you're simply looking for a casual place to drink, then this isn't the place to be. There are several bars in Blackridge filled with laid back people, and The Armada isn't one of them.

((May change the name later))

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Isao definitely wasn't the type to drink. He had intended to wander around Blackridge, exploring a few things before heading home, yet here he was, inside of a bar. His cat like eyes scanned the room, and he exhaled softly. It was a bad idea to have come here, but after hearing a loud fight in front of the bar, he was quite curious.

The first thing he noticed when he stepped into the bar, was the loud arguing of a group of men near the back. With a roll of his eyes, he turned his attention to someone that approached him. It was a woman a bit shorter than him, who seemed like she was up to something. She held out a hand for him to shake, which Isao did hesitantly. "Are you a member of the White Fang?" The strange woman asked, voice smooth like silk. Isao shook his head, "Um- no?" He muttered. She introduced her self with the name Lucille, before handing him a cheap looking card. "Think it over, doll." She said, before turning on her heel.

Isao furrowed his brows at the card, and folded it up. He doubted that he'd join the White Fang, but he kept it in case. He was standing against the wall, clearly looking a bit uncomfortable. Was he going to leave though? Not at all. Isao observed his surroundings, taking in the atmosphere. Being here gave him a good idea of what the more violent side of Blackridge was like.

((first post feat. my girl lucille)

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Thane loved a good drink. He was about as far from a light-weight as someone could get, and he had to admit he liked the burn. On a buzz and confident as always, he scanned the crowd for a snack, and a small, blond cutie snagged his attention almost immediately. Knocking back the last swig from his mug, he stood and stalked over to his prey. He felt eyes on him, but it didn't stop him from leaning against the wall not but a foot from the blond, his powerful arms crossed over his toned chest. There were always eyes on him; people he had banged, people who wanted him to, as well as people who he'd bested in a fight. As well as some stragglers who probably had no idea who he was. He was making a reputation for himself, and he enjoyed it quite a lot. "You don't belong here, sweetheart. And I definitely haven't seen you before," he purred, not a single slur in his words. His perfect lips were upturned in a smirk, his gray eyes dark in the dimly lit bar. "I'd remember seeing someone so cute."

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Isao side eyed the male, catlike eyes narrowing ever so slightly. He clearly wasn't impressed with the other male's flirting. "So what if I don't belong here?" He asked voice soft, yet firm. His tone was somewhat assertive, and filled with slight annoyance.

Isao shifted from one foot to the other, and looked away from Thane. Sure, he acknowledged the latter's attractiveness, but he kept it to himself. He noticed people eyed Thane, and raised an eyebrow. "Are you popular here?" Isao asked, not even looking at him. He might've been a little harsh, as he wasn't eve looking at the other.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Thane smirked all the wider, leaning a little closer. He had dealt with feisty types before. They were always more work, but this boy definitely seemed worth it to him. At the comment on his popularity, he glanced around the bar and winked at a few of his frequents. Everyone he screwed knew that he wanted a no-strings-attached relationship, though some got more possessive than he would like. Not like he was anyone to talk. But his current target was this adorable twink and that wasn't going to change. Not while he was still buzzed. "I am. I overheard Luci talkin' to you about joinin' the Fang... I sure would like seein' you every day," he purred, though the lack of eye-contact irritated him. It clearly wasn't in submission if the boy's tone was any indication, which made it intentional, not to mention rude.

Thane's smirk darkened and he uncrossed his arms. The crowd of past one-night-stands shifted to watch him more full on. His left hand settled beside the boy's head, the other gripping his jaw and forcing his gaze up to meet Thane's. "You're irritating," he chuckled lowly, his towering body forcing the boy's smaller one into the wall. "Trust me, sweetheart, if you're stayin' here, you're gonna want some friends. How about it? What's your name?"

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Isao's body leaned against the wall now, as he locked eyes with him. Now, he was pissed. It didn't take much to anger him, as he barely had any control over it. While he wasn't violent, he tended to lose his temper to the point where he couldn't refrain from saying hurtful things, snapping at others, etc. While he usually got angry over little things, being in this situation was serious. Even if his mind was focused on relationships, he could tell that the male in front of him wouldn't want something serious. Isao found that irritating.

"Watch it, jackass." Isao spat, a fiery glare lighting up in his eyes. He crossed his arms in an almost defensive manner. "If anything, you're the irritating one. I would much rather become friends with a stray cat than you." Isao said, clearly upset. What made him even angrier, was the fact that so many people were staring. They should mind their own business, but their gazes were unwavering.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Thane raised a single unimpressed brow. His smirk widened again. "That's offensive to stray cats, sweetheart. Especially," he trailed his eyes down, and then back up the boy's body, "when you seem like one yourself." His eyes darkened but he released the boy's chin. It seemed as if he would leave the boy alone, if only for a little, but he trailed a finger down his jawline slowly. "Will you tell me your name?" His voice was back to a purr. He had to admit that this boy was eye candy, and that his attitude only made him want to pursue more intensely. But his sister would be back soon, he had a puppy to get home to, and he was starting to get a little sleepy from all the booze. Of course, if he had the boy's name, he could keep tabs on him. Or at least surprise him with his awesome memory the next time they saw each other.

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What Thane said didn't register until after he blurted out his name angrily. Shuddering ever so slightly, he put a delicate looking hand on his chest to push him away. It wasn't a rough push, but it created some distance between them. "It's Isao." He said coldly, and raised an eyebrow.

"What's yours? Unless you want me to keep calling you jackass." Isao grumbled. He didn't know what time it was, but with a few people trickling out of the bar every so often, he guessed it was late. He'd probably never go to this specific bar, despite a part of him wanting to do so. The other male was intriguing, sure- the confidence that radiated off of him, the way he was assertive with his actions, of course, Isao would never dare to say any of that out loud.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Thane grinned, pressing against the boy's hand, keeping the distance the boy had made but letting him know that the resistance was nothing against him. "Isao, hmm?" he hummed, pressing his now free hand to the wall on the other side of the boy's head. "I think I enjoy that nickname, cutie. Let's save my name for next time, hmm? Something to look forward to." He thought of staying a little longer. He thought of doing a lot of stuff to the boy he was pinning to the wall, but then someone tapped his arm. "What?" he snarled, pressing harder against Isao's hand, marking his territory so the wandering eyes would know this was his target. The man who had interrupted his mental war said a single word. A name. "Jazz." Thane's eyes widened, but he clenched his jaw and nodded to keep himself from sprinting out of the bar. "I'll see you again, Isao." He smirked, but it no longer reached his eyes. Ruffling the boy's hair, he sped from the bar, growling a quick command. A dog, barked and raced after him. And with that, Thane was gone.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) (Boop)

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Isao looked up at him, turning his gaze to the other person who merely said a word. In a matter of seconds, whether or not he was trying to make Thane jealous or annoyed, he sent an interested look in the stranger's direction. It seemed to do nothing though, as the male pinning him was intimidating the stranger- well, they were both strangers, obviously.

Isao's eyes widened ever so slightly, as the male in front of him suddenly changed his behavior. Whoever "Jazz" was, they must've been important. He grumbled under his breath, and fixed his hair. "Who was that?" Isao asked, more so to himself than anyone else. It felt like he was in some sort of romantic novel, but with a bit more drama. He wondered if things like that happened often in Blackridge. He decided that he should probably go home too, so that's what he did. Isao walked towards the door, feeling exhausted despite only having a conversation.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Jasper was nearly going to fall off the horse. His head was on Shigeru's shoulder, and it had been there for several hours. They had been on the road for weeks and had only just reached the familiar slums of Blackridge. Familiar... His eyes drifted shut again. They had been doing that all along this ride. He couldn't keep them open. Until he passed a bar he knew all too well. Wait. Wait wait, I know that place. Stop, stop. Body working slower than his mind, it took a minute for him to tighten his hold on the reigns and pull Artemis to a stop. "Shigeru," he whispered, lifting his head from the boy's shoulder. They were stopped several paces outside of the bar. "I know this place... I do. We made it..." Was the boy even awake? Was he? Could this have been a fever dream? It was possible considering his arm. How long did the wound need to heal before it could no longer get infected? The world swayed around him. He tightened his uninjured arm around Shigeru until he heard a strangely...familiar voice.

"C'mon, you dipshit, he's gonna fall if you hold onto 'im like that," Thane grunted. He was currently trying to slide his now grown childhood friend from the back of a massive horse. Not seconds ago, he was flirting up a cute blond boy in a bar. Why was Jazz back? Why was he on the back of a horse? Who was the twink with him? Luckily his words seemed to get through to the boy and he released said twink, allowing Thane to pull him carefully off the horse. With a stumble, Thane managed to get Jasper stabled on the ground. Once he was certain the boy wouldn't fall, he grabbed his face, staring at him intensely for a moment. "Holy shit, it really is you. What the fuck happened?"

(maybe can Shigeru be awake pls??)

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Shigeru smiled in relief, glad that they had finally gotten there. The journey was long, but it seemed worth it. Thankfully, they had even met who Shigeru could only guess was Jasper's old friend.

He squirmed a little, so Jasper would let go. "C'mon, Jass. We're here, remember?" Shigeru said softly, and hopped down when Jasper got off. His big curious eyes looked around, taking in everything. Where were they even? Shigeru walked over to the two of them. He didn't want to interrupt their reunion or anything, but he felt the need to interject quickly.

"I don't know if he's alright. He was taking a medicine of sorts for his arm, but his condition doesn't seem good at all." Shigeru said. He was stating the obvious, but he figured filling the stranger in would be a decent thing to do. "Who are you?" Shigeru asked Thane. His gaze was on him for a second, before he turned back to Jasper, concerned for him.

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hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Despite the fact that he had just been flirting one up, but Thane didn't trust this twink. His storm-gray eyes narrowed on the light-haired boy his childhood friend had been so desperately clutching onto. With his hood still on, as it was in the bar, his features were cast in shadow. But the wary glare pierced through the dark. Looking the boy up and down, it wasn't hard to assume that he had no fighting experience. Still, he wasn't going to take any chances. His sister was the shortest thing he had ever seen, and she could throw punches harder than he could. Size didn't mean shit. So he focused his direct attention on getting himself between the boy and Jasper while still keeping the twink in his peripheral vision. Grunting, Thane struggled with getting the very limp, likely unconscious Jasper before finally managing to get the boy on his back. He shifted, holding under the boy's thighs to keep him up. Then he focused that apprehensive scowl on Jasper's...friend.

Thane didn't want to lead the boy directly to his house, but he had confidence in his dog Kitty. She was growling lowly and sniffing at the boy's feet, wary just as her master was. He couldn't trust her judgement of the boy, as he was training her to trust only those of which he trusted, thus not making her as good a judge of character as a normal dog. However, her lack of pure aggression had him easing his own blatant anger. "Grab the horse before she runs off," he ordered, then turning his back on the boy and leading him toward his home. As they traveled, he ran through several scenarios in his mind before settling on one. However, there was a fault in his plan: Jasper. He needed to get his friend away from him... As if fate had been playing to his whims, a trusted White Fang member strolled by. He quickly whispered his request, and the man took Jasper on his own back, grabbed the horse by the reigns and lead them both away. This left Thane glaring down at the little light-haired twink. He grabbed the boy by the collar and dragged him into an alley he was more than familiar with before slamming the boy against the wall. Shigeru's feet weren't touching the ground, and there was no way he could escape from the experienced White Fang member. Not if he wanted to anger a hot-headed midget who would punch first and ask questions later.

Thane snarled one question: "Who the fuck are you?"

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Shigeru's breath caught in his throat, eyes widening in fear. "My..My name is Shigeru!" He began, completely and utterly shook. His earlier fears seemed to be confirmed as he was held up against the wall by his collar. "Jasper's boyfriend!"

The last part was mentioned quickly, as if he were a bit shy about it. Despite the situation he was in, the love struck flash in his eyes was enough to prove that he definitely wasn't lying about that. He went quiet after that, unsure of what else to say. Anxiety bubbled in his stomach. Not only was Jasper gone, taken to god knows where, but Shigeru was still pinned against the wall. Would he die there? Exhaling shakily, he spoke again. "If.. If you kill me here, please take care of Jasper." His voice wasn't as shaky when he said this. It was very dramatic, yes, but what else would you expect from a person completely new to Blackridge? His first assumption was that he was going to be killed, mainly because of the rumors.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Boyfriend? Thane's brows furrowed slightly. Jasper had a boyfriend? It would explain why the boy had clutched so hard to this twink in front of him... As well as the flash of emotion in the blond's eyes. Clearly Shigeru meant something to Jasper, but that only made him more suspicious. Why were they here in Blackridge? What was the thing that was so terrible, Jasper felt it necessary to bring his lover with him? Thane narrowed his eyes on Shigeru but then released the boy after his second comment, letting the boy fall either to his feet or the ground. "I am not going to kill you. While we walk to my home, you will tell me as much as you deem important about yourself and your situation. Not what happened, just what is important. I will question...Jasper myself later." With that, he turned and walked from the alley, not waiting on Shigeru.

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Shigeru stood there for a minute, frozen. Realizing that the male wasn't waiting, he chased after him. "Um- Okay." He said, thinking over everything that had happened. He started at the beginning, stating the most important things. "So, basically, Jasper's dad is trying to get him killed, and he framed Jasper for killing my..my parents. Despite being the one who did it himself." Shigeru mentioned Jasper's father with disgust in his voice, and a scrunch of his nose. Bringing up what had happened out aloud definitely hurt him, but the past was the past. He needed to focus on his future.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Thane threw his head back and groaned loudly at the sky. "That fucker's still alive?!" he exclaimed, shaking his head once he lowered it. "That itself is a fuckin' tragedy... Okay, so Jazz thought his best option would be to come here. He knows people here. People in the right crowd..." He raised an eyebrow down at Shigeru, giving him a once-over quickly. "You're gonna have to beef up. If you two are going to stay here, you need to learn how to take care of yourself. Jazz already knows how to do that. But he can't be worried about protecting your delectable ass if he wants to keep his own from harm."

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muuumew | 1619 comments ((DELECTABLE. I YELLED.))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) (YAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSS I was hoping for that lolol)

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Shigeru furrowed his eyebrows slightly. "Um-" He began, stumbling over his words for a few seconds. He didn't quite catch what he had said, but he had a good idea of it. "I know that. He said I shouldn't be concerned about coming to Blackridge, but I think he's trying too hard to protect me." Shigeru grumbled a bit. He wasn't the greatest at protecting himself, but if it kept Jasper safe as well, he'd try his absolute best. "Oh! Can you train me?" Shigeru asked, a dazzled look in his eyes. The other male was definitely strong, and Shigeru was sure he could help him.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Crazy-Person (PleaseMoreKisses) wrote: "(YAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSS I was hoping for that lolol)"


hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Thane couldn't care less about Shigeru's concern for Jasper, though it did seem to confirm the tale he had been told. In fact, he was thinking about where his dog had run off to. She always explored the area on her own, so busy with her own life that he rarely had time to train her. And yet she always had a second to spare to kill some bird or something and drop it at his feet when it most inconvenienced him. He was lost in this thought, scowling at the people in front of them, silently ordering them to get out of their way, when Shigeru asked if he would train him. "Haaaahhh???" he growled, looking down at the boy. "Why the hell would I wanna do that, huh? Ask your 'boyfriend'," he sneered, using air-quotations around the word boyfriend. "Simple answer? No. You're hot, and totally my type physically, but no." If Jasper was anything like how he remembered, the guy would kill him for hurting Shigeru, which is what would happen if he were to train him.

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Shigeru frowned slightly, and crossed his arms. "Fine, I will ask him to do it then." He said, having to walk quickly to keep up with Thane. He ran a hand through his fluffy blonde hair, and sighed. "Where is he, by the way?" Shigeru asked. He frowned at the air-quotations the male did, and looked around. He was visibly uncomfortable in Blackridge, despite trying his best to act natural. Compared to everyone else, he clearly didn't belong.

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hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Thane scowled at the ground. His comments about his obvious attraction were being evaded with ease, though considering his interactions with the boy, he guessed that Shigeru might have been dense enough to not understand what he had meant. Either way, he rolled his eyes and moved on. "He is somewhere safe," he answered bluntly, not following up his statement with anything else and thus effectively cutting off the conversation. Jasper was currently at his home, hopefully being guarded as he had asked, though he was certain that his "trusted White Fang friend" didn't actually listen to him, because the people in the Fang were pricks. He would know. He was in it.

"Sooo... How far have you gotten with Jazz?"

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Shigeru nodded, pleased with knowing at least that. The solemn expression that was initially on Shigeru's face seemed to disappear, replaced with an innocent blush that dusted his cheeks. "Well- Um.. We've kissed." Shigeru said, bringing his hand up so his fingertips touched his lips as he smiled. He honestly looked like a school girl gushing over a crush she had- except, Jasper and Shigeru were already an item. He definitely wasn't the type of person to kiss and tell, but with such a direct question from the person that didn't seem to trust him at all, Shigeru felt the need to answer honestly.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Thane was disgusted. Shigeru's blush and his excitement over a simple kiss just grossed him out. Just earlier, he was trying to get a nice piece of ass to come home with him, and this kid was literally gushing over lip-contact. "Whoop-di-fuckin'-do. What are you, ten?" he sneered, rolling his eyes at the childishness. Which was quite ironic considering how childish he could become. It didn't take long before they came up on his and his sister's home. It was a small, single-story building up on stilts to keep the wood from rotting in the wet mud beneath it. Mud was everywhere in Blackridge. There was a small ramp with steps leading up to the front door. Just as they made it up, Kitty, Thane's puppy, bounded over to them, her entire body covered in dirt and wet from blood red wine.

"Aww, Kitty, you little shit! You are not goin' inside lookin' like that!" Thane exclaimed, dragging the dog over to him by her collar and sitting down on a step to dust her off. "You're gonna be the death of me." She woofed and gave his chin a lick. Rolling his eyes but laughing, Thane stood and pushed open the door, gesturing for Shigeru to enter. Inside was one large room. Against two walls, (the nearest and farthest) was a thin bed. There was a dirty rug between them which Kitty promptly spun around and laid down on. Across the room, on the farthest bed, laid an unconscious Jasper. At his feet was a door, which led out to a ramp, and then onward to an out-house.

(Want me to make the house and then have you post there???)

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