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message 1: by Eolake (new)

Eolake (eolake-stob) | 30 comments Hi friends,
The review quote:
“McCloud is the McLuhan of comics”
Made me think of Len.
I’ve always appreciated comics, both as a reader and as a creator. And Scott McClouds unique book is a treasure. It shows with unusual clarity how “comics” is a much, much wider subject than we tend to think, and also a much deeper one. Granted, one has to dig to find the comics which even begin to explore the artistic potential that is there, but it *is* there, and it is exciting.

message 2: by Eolake (new)

Eolake (eolake-stob) | 30 comments Some “comics” which show a bit of the potential are:
“RAW”, edited by Art Spiegelman
“Maus”, written and drawn by Art Spiegelman (about the holocaust)
“Sandman” by Neil Gaiman and various artists

I’m sure some here want to mention others.

message 3: by Len (new)

Len Edgerly (lenedgerly) | 111 comments Mod
I love Sandman, Eolake. I'm also enjoying "Paper Girls" by Brian K. Vaughan and "Luisa" by Carole Maurel, available via my ComiXology Unlimited subscription.

message 4: by Eolake (new)

Eolake (eolake-stob) | 30 comments Ah, thanks.
I’m not familiar with those.
I’ve not tried Comixology Unlimited, although I’ve bought lots of comics from the site. Perhaps I should try it.

I think you’d find Maus very interesting.

message 5: by Eolake (new)

Eolake (eolake-stob) | 30 comments Aha: after 12 minutes of research (you’d think it’d be easier by now...) I have finally established that Unlimited is only in the USA so far. Frig.

message 6: by Len (new)

Len Edgerly (lenedgerly) | 111 comments Mod
Sorry to hear it!

message 7: by Eolake (new)

Eolake (eolake-stob) | 30 comments It is clear that “unlimited” (even if they aren’t so) subscriptions are the new big thing. In music, film, books, all ya can eat services are milking it.
It’s sort of great for customers who consume a lot. But I fear it has downsides for all those lesser known creators.

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