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BeeCried | 6 comments my link text


First off, thank you so much for clicking on my rinky diny topic. I really appreciate your time.

I'm an 18 year old girl, going to college this upcoming spring, and ever since I were 14 I loved to write. I had thought up this epic story idea back then ,and I had plans to make it into a big story, but I can never make it past the first few chapters.

So if you have the time, patience, and honesty to put up with me. please comment or message me, and we can get this thing started! (hopefully .-.)

message 2: by mrharville (new)

mrharville | 16 comments * About myself: I am much older. I finished my college degrees some time ago and I have been writing and rewriting a book for the last two years. It is unpublished by I do have an agent and the manuscript, or its rewrites will be shopped around again.

* How can I help?

message 3: by BeeCried (new)

BeeCried | 6 comments Well, you could help by reading some parts and giving me completely honest feedback. That's the most I usually ask for.

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Keith Oxenrider (mitakeet) | 1167 comments Sencha a PM.

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