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message 1: by Justin (new)

Justin (br0k3nglass) | 34 comments I'm currently reading No One Is Illegal by Chacon & Davis. It's the updated 2018 second edition of the book, ISBN 9781608468492.

Publishers website for this edition is here:

Worldcat entry for this edition is here:

The issue is that I see one version of the book listed here:

It lists this version as being a 245 page paperback published in October 2017, with no other editions available, but the same ISBN.

There's another entry here:

This one appears to be for the original edition. While it has other editions available under it, none of them appear to be the second edition (paperback).

Basically it looks like the edition I'm reading doesn't exist anywhere on Goodreads yet, even though there's something that sort of looks like a second edition but from an earlier year with a different page count.

Elizabeth (Alaska) | 7190 comments Combined with the other editions.

message 3: by Justin (new)

Justin (br0k3nglass) | 34 comments Elizabeth (Alaska) wrote: "Combined with the other editions."

Thanks. What should I do about getting the edition I'm reading added to the list (the 2018 edition with the 420 page count in paperback doesn't exist on the site anywhere)? I tried adding it as a new edition but when I hit submit the site complained that a book already existed with the same ISBN (ie. the entry listed as a 2017 edition, the 245 page count paperback).

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