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message 1: by Aryanne (new)

Aryanne (tangentialmind) | 8 comments Wow, those books were something else! Whenever I read a series with so much pain I'm interested in the realism of it's results. I want to see the reaction characters have to being reviled or isolated, beaten or verbally abused. I wanted to know how well people thought Robin pulled it off. For myself I was amazed.

The effect Molly's childhood abuse had on her parenting is explored. Fitz is shown to be tramatized by the violence of his life and often views himself as a coward for seeking to minimize pain through lying or avoiding a fight.

It impresses me and I wanted to know if you guys were struck by the strength of these themes? If not, what do you feel was the strongest element of of Robin's books and why? Emotional impact? Eloquence? Plot? World building?

message 2: by Meo (new)

Meo Mio | 8 comments I agree with you Aryanne that she did a wonderful job of reflecting how the characters life experiences shaped them into who they were. Even the “villains” were a product of their stations and treatment. The expectations foisted upon them and the coping skills they developed to survive-succeed in the construct of the kingdom. Fitz often wonders what life would have been like for him as a commoner with no pledge to be a kings man. I also found myself despairing for, and rooting on characters in hopes that they could overcome their misgivings. Even Nighteyes had a struggle portrayed between animal preferences and loyalty to The Pack which encompassed himself and both Fitz and Burrich and later the Fool and Kettricken.

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