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Ryne Andal (ryne_andal) | 5 comments Mod

Collaborative reading is one of my favorite hobbies. Even in high school and college, I found English and Literature classes to be the most enjoyable, even though I excelled at mathematics. I thrived on the debate and discussion of author implications and reader inferences. It was a simple, enjoyable way to ensure I got the most out of a book.

I'm starting our first thread in this book club so we have a place to mention our favorite passages, ask any questions, otherwise comment on sections of the book together.

Remember, we're reading individually, but we can still collaborate on understanding.

That said, let me go first. First of all, welcome to the Vonnegut writing style if this is your first book authored by the man. He's not painting an elaborate picture with voluminous words, and is almost sometimes choppy with his sentences. There's still something endearing about it.

His mentions of not loving his job really stood out to me. I know he often viewed writing as "work" but reading his disdain for his profession here makes me feel better about my job. I don't love what I do all day, every day, but it's ultimately a means to an end. It enables me to survive and spend my life "farting around" as Kurt so aptly phrases it.

Anyway, I would love to have discussions, but please don't feel obligated. Let's have fun in here and also just love everyone a little bit more :)


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Kyle | 1 comments Heyo, I'm pretty excited about this, as this is my first reading group outside of school. I'll be lurking and not participating for a while (hope you don't mind) as I'm currently reading The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. If you've read them you know that they are a pretty lengthy series. Once I can participate, I definitely will.

Oh and my MLR name is Stan Mann, just so you know.

Samuel | 5 comments Mod
"I wish that people who are conventionally supposed to love each other would say, 'Please a little less love and a little more decency.'"

Just going to add it's lines like this that endear me to KV. My parents often argued, so I put my nose in books and sort of tuned out the world.

KV seems to have a weird way of talking about humanity. Describing his siblings as "interchangeable parts" in the American machine in their Indianopolis town that's an interchangeable part i n the American dream.

I'm pretty excited to keep digging in.

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