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Arati Nair | 1 comments Hello! I am in the process of writing a contemporary romance novel with some elements of fantasy. I've written a couple of chapters and would prefer to begin the beta reading process right away, instead of having to overhaul my entire work at the time of completing my manuscript. I am looking for someone who is willing to beta read 2 to 3 chapters every week and provide constructive criticism.

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Fantasy

Synopsis: Rose had adapted to life at Rhinevyn, mundane at best and overpowering at worst. Her mediocre desk job, though uneventful, was a means to an end. The predictability meant normalcy and Rose only ever wanted to be normal. She had complaints about the boss, but who wouldn't if their employer was Lucas Danton. However, one fateful day, she's unwillingly entangled in Lucas' mysterious life and there's no turning back. Deceit is the norm in the Danton household. As lies and family secrets unravel, mayhem ensues and Rose has no one to turn to.

Who can she trust when her own mind turns against her?

This is her story.

Not the most stellar synopsis you've read, but it's all an ongoing process at this stage. If it interests you and there's time in your schedule to read a couple of chapters every week, let me know. Please feel free to PM me if you're willing to take this up.


message 2: by Iris (new)

Iris Darshi (iris_darshi) | 13 comments Hi Arati,

I have a contemporary romance novel, it's finished. Would you be interested in a swap?

I can read your book few chapters at a time, happily. Mine is a very fast read, would love to get your take on it.

Let me know please

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