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Florida_Man16 (jon_the_metalhead) Lyvium walked across the dorm room, the her crystals clinking as she moved.

Phoenix~They/Them Baotite followed, right behind, trying to stay quiet, minus her crystals which chinked a bit as she smiled, "Hey Lyvvi." She said out of nowhere.

((Im assuming they know each other hahaha XD))

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Florida_Man16 (jon_the_metalhead) (Well, we're shipping them, it'd be pretty hard to be in a relationship with someone you don't know.)

"Hey, Bao," Lyvvi said, turning around, the crystals in her hair making a lot of noise against each other as she turned.

Phoenix~They/Them ((Well maybe each reformation they like have a deja vu feeling or something like they feel like they knew each other, since their memory is wiped))

Bao smiled at Lyvvi and said, "How are you Lyvvi?"

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Florida_Man16 (jon_the_metalhead) (Well, Lyvvi's got tapes.)

"I'm not in pieces or cracked, that's gotta be a good thing," the pink crystal girl said, "Yourself?"

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Florida_Man16 (jon_the_metalhead) (Raven?)

Phoenix~They/Them Bao shrugged, "I'm decent, still here." She smiled at Lyvvi and said, "Which has to be a good thing." She looked at Lyvvi and said, "Have anything planned Lyv?" She smiled when she shortened Lyvvi's name even more.

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Florida_Man16 (jon_the_metalhead) "Not really, B," Lyvvi said, smiling. "You?"

Phoenix~They/Them "Same, I just got here and want to look around." She said with a shrug.

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Florida_Man16 (jon_the_metalhead) "Well then," Lyvvi said, "Let's go."

Phoenix~They/Them "Alright, where to first?" She asked.

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Florida_Man16 (jon_the_metalhead) "Probably the bedrooms," Lyvvi said, "I'm sure we'll have to order a mineral pool, though."

Phoenix~They/Them "Right." Bao said with a smile.

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Florida_Man16 (jon_the_metalhead) "Kay," Lyvvi said, "Let's go." She started walking, her crystal form klinking and reflecting light as she moved.

Phoenix~They/Them ((This is Lyvvi and Bao's room))

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Florida_Man16 (jon_the_metalhead) (WHo are you talking to?)

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Florida_Man16 (jon_the_metalhead) (Or did I miss something?)

Phoenix~They/Them ((You missed something))

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Florida_Man16 (jon_the_metalhead) (That happens a lot. What'd I miss?)

Phoenix~They/Them ((Xander posted here))

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Florida_Man16 (jon_the_metalhead) (Oh.)

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Florida_Man16 (jon_the_metalhead) (His character's a guy, why would he think to put it in a girl's dorm?)

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