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The Athena cabin intimidated Alina more than most of the others. It symbolized everything that she wasn't- smart and adept with strategy. For weeks she had been working up the courage to ask one of Athena's children for help with schoolwork. She hadn't been to school since she was eight and her dad was still alive, so she was extremely far behind on her studies. Her handwriting was illegible, she didn't recognize most long words she came across, and she couldn't spell if her life depended on it. She lived in constant fear that the people around her would belittle her if they knew just low her IQ was, (or at least how low she assumed it was- she had never actually taken an IQ test).

Alina took a deep breath and knocked on the door of the cabin. Half of her hoped that nobody was home, and the other half of her hoped that someone kind and helpful was there to teach her everything she had missed out on when she was too busy surviving. She didn't want to be two steps behind everyone around her anymore.

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For once, ever since he had been kept imprisioned in this camp, Syx was alone. Not lonely, because he felt that all the time, even in the unfortunate situation that a room was filled to the brim with people, but this time he actually had achived peace. He had his earbuds in, listening to the sounds that his favorite k-pop group had made. The softness of the tune made Syx feel as if it was made just for him. Sitting against the wall on one of top bunks that he was lucky to claim as his own. The cold that he felt from this room was honestly something that he felt a deep hatred for. Which sadly, nowadays wasn't that uncommon for him to feel. The only warmth he actually got from being here, were the ammount of blankets that were piled onto his body, and the small ammount of sunlight that shone through the windows, and bounced off the strange ammount of metal that was kept in this room.

This type of feeling lasted for exactly one hour, thirty-seven minutes, and fourty-three seconds before a loud knock rang throughout the entirety of cabin six. Waking up a half-asleep, irritated, and disgruntled, Syx. His brain began to rack with the possibilites of who it could've been knocking at the door. Of course every child of Athena didn't need to knock to gain entry, and not many came to visist this cabin unless in need of assitance in any type of study. Or.. it was Chiron coming to tell him to join the rest of Cabin Six as they gathered and ate in the morning. Sluggishly moving from his bed to the door, he took a deep breath and putting a hand on the door. With a muted grey blaket wrapped around his face and body, he swung open the door, but what he found, or rather who, was not expected. So, with a grimace on his lips he shrugged. "Oh." Before slamming the door shut and walking back to his bed.

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Nobody likes having a door slammed in their face. Alina had been through enough to not be offended by that alone, but the kid in the cabin had the audacity to look disgusted with Alina before he decided she wasn't worth his time. Alina was irked by the uncalled for behavior. She wasn't even given the chance to ask him for help, or even speak at all. It's not like she wanted him to teach her how to juggle flaming knives. Maybe she should've asked one of her half-siblings. At least they would've given her the chance to speak her mind before shutting her down or helping her.

Alina stood staring blankly at the door for a long moment before her brain rebooted. She was struggling to decide whether to walk away in defeat or to knock again. She really didn't want to make a big deal out of this. She had gone the past eight years without learning, and she could survive another eight with the skills she already had. "No." she muttered to herself. "You made it this far. Don't give up."

This time, the knocks were louder and longer. They had lost all of the hesitation that they had shown before. After a second thought, Alina added a kick to the door to show that she wasn't going anywhere.

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Syx had just been able to make it into his bed before he hears the knocks at his door. Putting his white pristine earbuds back in, he laid his head back down onto the pillow before hearing the thundering kick on the doors. With annoyance blatantly showing in his eyes, he stormed toward the door throwing his blanekt onto the marble floors, to suit the theme of the room. Swinging open the door, he took a deep breath and glared at the girl standing on the limestone steps of cabinm "What." It sounded more like a growl instead of a kind 'How can I help you?' His glare were like daggers. Daggers meant to kill. "I'm sorry but if you could do me a favor and leave? That would mean the world to me." Today had finally been the day where he could have rested. Actually slept. But no. Some ignorant and irritating child dared to wake him from his slumber. Perhaps she wanted to die?

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Alina almost laughed at the rude kid's attempt at being menacing. A lesser girl would've been frightened by his glare and sarcasm, but Alina was a street rat, and she was infamous for winning fights. She might not have been book smart, but she sure was street smart. She could win a fistfight against most people, excluding some war-god children and powerful adults. A mean look and poorly concealed threat weren't going to do anything to faze her.

In fact, they had the opposite effect. Alina shifted her stance and her eyes hardened as she turned to look the rude kid in the eyes for the first time. She had a more wild and unhinged air about her, an air that she used to survive in a more uncivilized world, an air that she had almost left behind entirely. "Cool your jets, bucko. I just came over here to ask one of you smartypants kids for a little help." She moved to rest one hand on the doorway near where he was standing. "How about we do each other a favor? You help me with some basic reading and writing, and I won't deck you."

Alina hadn't planned on threatening the rude kid back- it had just slipped out. Maybe she could use that to her advantage and treat it as a fighting lesson later on as a payment. But only if this went well.

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The steel grey eyes that were starring at the girl who appeared to be laughing at his sleepy state and was almost on the brink of closing the door until she spoke once more. Bucko? Just who does this girl think I am? Some randomized Bellona kid? Ha. The look of disgusted and amusement played on his face, but nevertheless, he remained with the same attitude that was until she looked him in the eyes and stated her weak, and frankly overused threat. His grimace turned into a smirk, his smirk into a grin, and his grin into full out hysterical laughter. He didn't doubt that she would dare to touch him. After all, she remained quite indignant, banging and kicking at the door like some type of maniac. Or even worse. One of those ruffians from the Ares cabin.

"HAHAHAHA- HA-Haaaa whew. L-Listen kid. That's nice and all, but there isn't only one god of war in this camp. You would do best to remember that." It wasn't a threat, or at least it wasn't intended to be. It carried a tone of light-heartedness, but the sadness was plenty visible from the standpoint that Alina was at. "Okay. Well, this was fun, but I fail to see any logical reasoning to support your, and you haven't appealed to me by an emotional reason either. If you could even find one." He scoffed moving to shove her hand off the door to close it.

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This kid was really starting to tick Alina off. Not only did he laugh at her but he attempted to touch her. She quickly skirted around him and into the cabin before she could be shut out again. She rolled her eyes at his “advice” and remarks. She could see that the tough act that they were both using was going to get them nowhere. She could have lead them into a circular argument of threats, but instead decided to try something new.

“You want me to be real with you? Fine. I can barely read simple chapter books and I haven’t even touched a pencil in years. I came down here because I thought this would be the best place to learn those skills.” Alina wasn’t sure if that was enough to get him to even consider helping her out. She had just very openly threatened him. “Also, I’m not going to leave until I get help. Even if you get a counselor to force me out, I’ll just keep coming back until I can at least recognize the word ‘obnoxious’”.

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For a moment, he actually stood there contemplating the reason she just gave him. Of course, he factored in the insults she had given him, amounf the ammount of threats. The hands on the door as if she owned it, and her pestering. Though, the happy expressions his sister gave him while he taught her how to spell, and read even the smallest words made him unexplicably glad inside. Looking onward, his platinum grey eyes wandering around, he opened his mouth to speak. Then she threatened him again. "Wow. You actually are an idiot. Does your mouth move faster than your brain? Or does your brain just not move at all." He knew these were weak insults. Mere pebbles to be thrown. But even pebbles could crack a window if thrown had enough, and apparently this was a sensitive topic for her.

"Listen kid. I don't know you at all. In the past... lets see. About, four minutes, and twenty-one seconds, you have: threatened me, invaded my personal space, ignored my obvious social cues, and just been an all around asshole. So, without a doubt. I'm pissed. I've been pretty generous, and in fact I almost considered saying yes. But your mouth keeps getting you into trouble." Syx didn't want to fight, but she was getting on his nerves. If this girl really wanted it, then she would know to respect him as a teacher. Sure, he was being somewhat annoying, but in his defense, she wasn't someone who showed any sign of being easy to work with. "So, I'm going to give you one more try to choose a good reason without insulting me. Or else I am going to tell everyone in cabin about lil' miss spunk, and you'll have to be taught by another cabin, if they'll even take you. Its really. Not. My. Problem."

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Those last few comments put Alina on the edge of stomping her feet and throwing a fit like a child. She was screwing up all of her chances of getting help just by being her usual socially inept self. Of course, there was a part of her that understood that threatening someone over and over wasn't going to help her to get her way in the least. That part of her brain just didn't have enough control over what came out of her mouth. She really needed some time to think of a good reply, but she knew that the rude kid wasn't going to give that to her.

"You do know why I'm here, right? My whole problem is that my brain isn't moving fast enough. I'm a giant mess, and I don't have any friends to help me with it." Alina threw her hands in the air in exasperation. She resisted the urge to pace around the room or punch a wall. She wasn't usually such a hot-headed maniac. Talking about some of her deepest and most legitimate problems was really getting to her. It didn't help that he was nothing but snarky and rude. Her biggest concern was his threat to tell his siblings about her. She didn't want to stay mostly illiterate for the rest of her life.

"Look, I'm sorry that I was rude right off the bat and threatened you. That wasn't the best first impression that I could've made. This is all just very- augh!" Alina cut herself off and pulled at her hair. She couldn't even think of any words that would sound right. She hadn't had a polite conversation with anyone for weeks. She hadn't even spoken for at least two days before going to the Athena cabin. She turned away from the rude kid and took a deep breath in an attempt to calm herself down.

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Watching as she struggled to find the words she needed to convey her feeling angered him, but in a way he didn't expect. Not because her stuttering was annoying, but rather because he felt guilt inside of his heart, where a dark amusement should have been. It then occured to him that his sister, whether alive or dead, would teach this young woman. Even if she didn't know jack shit about the subject. Instead, Carmen would just offer to learn along side her. Clutching his fists, he cursed under his breath, not wanting the tears that were a consequence for thinking about his family, to surface. Not when he had just exposed her weakspot, he would not return the same courtecy. Brushing a couple of curls out of his face, he grabbed her shoulder and turned her around gently moving a few hairs from her eyes. God. She had the same spirit hidden in her eyes as Carmen.

When he spoke this time his voice was softer, and kinder. "I'll teach you. But just know, the next time you choose to use words like that again, I will stoop to your level, and make sure that nobody in this cabin will even deign to do so much as give you accidental glance." Opening the doors, he beckoned her into the pristine cabin, the only thing that seemed to be out of order was the grey blanket on the floor, but somehow even that matched. Almost all of the Athenian kids were with some other mental disability including dyslexia and then ADHD. For instance, practically every singke one of the had OCD. In the way where people would think thats annoying, but where if they even liked it, it was of the utmost importance that it was perfect. The cabin was sparkling clean, and everything was folded neatly. "So, I assume we'll star with the basics of reading and writing?" He asked grabbing a couple of books.

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Chris. She saw the face of her brother so vividly in that moment, just as the rude kid showed Alina true kindness. He had always been so kind to her, even when she wasn't to him. She almost teared up remembering him like that. It had been so long since that had happened that she had practically forgotten what he looked like. She had no pictures of him, nothing to remember him by except for her memories. She shook off the feeling and focused back in on the conversation that she was having.

Alina grinned at the rude kid. "Thank you so much! And don't worry about me being horrid again. That was really out of the norm for me, and I'll be sure to think more." She paused for a moment, deciding whether or not to make a joke. "As we both know, I am basically the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, so that'll take considerable effort." She went for it. Alina wasn't positive that her joke was funny, but it made her giggle a bit, and that was all that mattered.

"Oh, and yes, we will need to start very basic. The last book I read was Matilda, and that was years ago."

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