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Elizabeth Meadows (lizziefaye) | 422 comments This will be our discussion thread for Chapters 4-8 of Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. If you want to follow the group schedule, read this section during the week of September 9-15.

Books In Every Room | 18 comments Thoughts on this weeks chapters?
Angel wanted out of that life, but when Michael takes her out she just thinks about getting away from him, too.
In chapter 8 when he tells her that he will provide what she needs when she needs it, and she says she needs it now, it made me think of how we can be with God. We always want things in our own timing instead of patiently waiting for His.

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Berna | 7 comments I liked these section much more than the first section.
I feel like I am going to really enjoy reading about their love but if Angel treats him so badly all the time, I cannot be sure. Michael is a symbol of patience and I am not sure if I am ;)

On the other hand, I am not a fan of writing style and I found it to be simple.

Elizabeth Meadows (lizziefaye) | 422 comments I haven't gotten this section read yet, but I'm planning to get started on it today. I'll be sitting with my daughter from this afternoon (Sunday) through Wednesday for 72 hour EEG. So I plan to get lots of reading done during that time.

How are you guys doing? Does anyone else have any thoughts on this section?

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Griselda  Alvarez | 3 comments This section saddened me. Angel has been hurt so much that she can't trust that Michael truly loves her and only wants the best for her. She keeps pushing him away. Its good Michael has patience. Love the descriptive sunrise.

Elizabeth Meadows (lizziefaye) | 422 comments I read this section a few days ago and have mixed feelings. We can see that Michael is actually saving her. But I'm sure that it feels like just another type of captivity for her.
Seemed a bit like a shot gun wedding. Something about it didn't set right with me, even though I am very old fashioned and think that marriage should happen before things get physical. Its just too bad that she couldn't have had more choice in the matter. I suppose in that day and time a marriage was the only way he could protect her from anyone from her past trying to lay claim on her.

Books In Every Room | 18 comments When she left and then came back I bookmarked the part that said that for some people one mile can be further to walk than thirty.

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Elizabeth Meadows (lizziefaye) | 422 comments Books In Every Room wrote: "When she left and then came back I bookmarked the part that said that for some people one mile can be further to walk than thirty."

When I read this comment the other day, I was going to reply that I didn't remember that part of the story. But then I went on and read section three and found this part in Chapter 13. It is a very profound statement.

I'm so sorry! I didn't realize that I didn't have the threads set up for the rest of the sections. I will do that now.

Mom2triplets04 | 14 comments So sad that Michael didn’t get her In time. He has such patience to keep going back for her even though she keeps turning him down. I’m on chapter 11 now still behind but I will catch up.

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