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ancient ruins from the old days of portermount, once a meeting grounds for the primordials themselves, now housing lawful evil's artifact - the sea dagger.

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Technically there were a lot of things Killian was supposed to be doing. Guarding, protecting, paying attention. But he couldn't be bothered - they weren't paying him all that much for this particular job so why should he care? It's not like anything exciting ever happened anyways. Aside from the casual run in with him of course, and that had a tendency of making things a little better.

But overall his job was lackluster. He leaned against a stone column with crystals jutting out from the top, and in his hands he held an old DS, toying around on some game about virtual pets as he waited for the others to get the artifact.

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Jaesuk sighed, stepping into the sanctuary. From time to time, he'd have to check on it- to make sure everything was alright and all. He didn't mind doing so all that much, but from time to time it became annoying.

A person he met often in the sanctuary was..rather annoying to say the least. Running a hand through his dyed red hair, he plastered a serious expression on his face and look around. He had an odd feeling about going to the sanctuary that day. Something told him it'd be rather interesting.

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"Motherfucker!" Killian shouted, glaring down at the screen as the DS ran out of battery and turned black, "I just got a fucking chihuahua you gotta be kidding me!" he leaned back against the column, whining out in distress as he shoved the device into his back pocket and kicked a rock along angrily.

Sometimes he wondered if he was paid enough to stand around and wait for something to happen - but then he remembered he wasn't really paid at all. He owed Nadia - who happened to be a big baddie bitch in the Defacto. He hadn't known that when he put himself into debt with her, and now he thoroughly regretted it.

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Jaesuk wasn't very surprised when he heard shouting. The boy who somehow got on his nerves every time they met was most definitely there. Groaning softly, he stayed on his guard. This didn't last long, because he snorted loudly. A chihuahua? What the hell is he doing? Jaesuk thought, turning a corner.

With the amused smirk now wiped off of his face, his gaze landed on him. "Well well well," He began, crossing his arms. "What are you doing here?" Jaesuk asked, knowing it was a stupid question. It was obvious why the familiar male was there.

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