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Joy Boutwell | 55 comments A. Blackthorne needs a book added to his page:

Title: Obsession

Author: A. Blackthorne, Thorn Black


Publisher: A. Blackthorne

Publication Date: August 19, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition

Description: It started with a dark and stormy night. So cliché it was as if the whole thing had been orchestrated.
A gorgeous woman came to his door seeking help.
A handsome and heavily muscled man answered.

After a torrid night of passion, they parted. The man, Jax Paulson was a bestselling author. A romance author. He wasn’t anyone’s idea of a typical romance author not with his bad boy tattoos and hard body. That’s because being a romance author was the last thing Jax Paulson expected he’d become. He was a Marine first and foremost.

Until a tragic accident changed everything.

Now Jax is at the top of the writing world hovering on the brink of worldwide success.

Then she came back.
His one night stand.
Her name is Sarah. It was just supposed to be one wild night. And that was all.

Now she's threatening his life. And his new girlfriend.

But she won't stop, she can't stop.

After all, Sarah is his number one fan.

And if she can’t have him.


Page Count: 189


Thank you

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Joy Boutwell | 55 comments Wynn wrote: "Added by Amazon"

Thank you very much for your help.

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