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Kody walked into the lab and grabbed some materials from the cabinet. He turned on the burner and started to make the potion.

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The potion started to boil as he looked at his notes. He took it off the burner and poured it in a vial. "Here." he said, giving the potion to Stitch.

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Kody looked at her, hoping the potion didn't fail.

*((IDK what the potion does.))*

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"You know.. Your fae form is way better." Kody said.

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Anju~insane is such a mean word. I prefer mentally creative~ wrote: "(( supercalifragilisticexpialidocious))"

((*I've tried to say that and failed ultimately.*))

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"Hm... I'll make sure i do that next time then." Kody said.

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Kody started to make another potion. After he finished and handed it to her. "It should turn you back." he said, picking up his notebook to write down the results.

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"Hm.. Ok then. I'll find someone to drink it." he said.

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Aiden just watch happily. Kody packed his things and walked towards the door. He opened the door and Aiden followed. "Want to help me find my sister? If i tell her Father made it then she might drink it and we can find out what happens." Kody said.

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"Yayyyy! Kody's made a new friend!" Aiden said happily. "Not friend, just someone with similar interests." Kody corrected as they walked out.

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As they walked down the hall, they bumped into a meifwa girl with black hair. She wasn't paying attention and had collided with Kody, falling down. Aiden helped her up. "Thanks Dad." Ayumi said and then looked at Kody. "Hey. Ayumi. Dad made this Delicious drink, want some?" Kody asked, offering the potion he made casually. She looked at it and took a sip. Her eyes turned a fiery red, her hair now white, and the ground around her began to freeze around her. "Another Poison?" she asked and Aiden just nodded.

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Ayumi chanted a spell and the ice disappeared and her eyes and hair went back to normal. "I see you've made a friend? And a girl at that...." Ayumi teased, hoping to get a reaction from Kody. "We just have mutual interests." Kody replied coldly.

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"He'll open up eventually. He just has a hard time trusting people." Ayumi said, smiling kindly.

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"Well. If he ends up trusting you, we should totally be friends and hang out some time. Well. I got a date with Time, so i got to go. Have fun Kody, and don't poison any more small children." Ayumi said, and Kody and Aiden gave her a hug before she started to walk toward the direction they came from, her smile fading away quickly.

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Aiden stared at Stitch curiously. "Where should we go now, Ms. Stitch?" Aiden asked, smiling kindly.

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Kody's interest seemed to be peaked when she mentioned the kitchen. "Great place to pick. Our Kody here actually loves to bake." Aiden said.

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"Yep. Actually, it's his dream to open a bakery." Aiden told her. "DON'T TELL HER THAT!" Kody said blushing, clearly embarrassed.


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"Can we just find the kitchen already?" he said, wanting to move away from the topic.

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"Do You know the way to the kitchen?" Kody asked.

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Kody and Aiden followed silently.

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