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message 1: by Aitch (new)

Aitch Diamond | 30 comments Mod
I offer thorough substantive and mechanical editing and can work in stages to keep the costs manageable.. Please feel free to send me your first 2000 words in Word doc., and I will return a tracked changes doc. to you. So send your 2K words to or check out my website for more details

message 2: by Kittykiller (new)

Kittykiller | 1 comments Hi there,
I wanted to pay back a good work Haze did for me. I tried and sent him 2k words for editing and I was pleased by his dedication and focus.
I would like to encourage all writers, to try this and see how their work may improve with a good editing.


message 3: by Aitch (new)

Aitch Diamond | 30 comments Mod
I have openings for September if anyone would like a free 2k evaluation. I look forwards to reading you work!

message 4: by Aitch (last edited Nov 09, 2018 05:44AM) (new)

Aitch Diamond | 30 comments Mod
If you are interested in pricing (as many people are) it is very difficult to judge without first working on a sample. Everyone is different but to give you an idea, on average, I charge $5.50 per 1k words. If English is your second language it will probably be more, if your MS is fairly clean it may be less.

This price is specifically for Goodreads self-publishing authors and is a time-limited offer as I am working on my APC with Society for Editors and Proofreaders(Sfep) and they require a certain amount of hours spent proofreading or proof-editing to move up their grading system. But I am still a long way from filling my quota so please send me your work!

As mentioned above send me a sample 2k in Word, as an attachment to

and I will send it back to you with tracked changes and a quote per thousand words and a quote for the entire MS if you wish.

Can't wait to read your work!

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