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Aitch Diamond | 30 comments Mod
I offer a thorough proof reading service. This is the final stage before you publish your book and should be done after substantive and mechanical editing, if needed, is done. Please feel free to send me your first 2000 words in Word doc., and I will return a tracked changes doc. to you. If your manuscript needs more than a final proof read, I can offer you substantive and mechanical editing. So send your 2K words to or check out my website for more details

Author MaryEllen  (httpwwwgoodreadscommcampc65) Hello everyone my name is Mary Ellen Campbell and this is my first book the Yellow Cookie Jar is about how 2 generations find one another and they each have history between they. Find out how their ninty year difference turns into a small world where each one has been hurt. Both leave and both

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Aitch Diamond | 30 comments Mod
Hi Mary Ellen, this seems to be in the wrong place. If you are looking for beta readers please leave your blurb there. Click on the section heading and then new topic and your blurb and request. Thank you

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