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lol … hi


I honestly have nothing to say about myself

I promise yoongi isn’t my only fc it’s just easy to find nice gifs and pics for him

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quq  (190511) descriptiondescriptiondescription


male [panromantic]description level six

Daeshim was born in South Korea, on Earth. His mother was a through-and-through pixie, completely solar. She was very powerful, and had married a mortal man in hopes of not burdening a child with her power and responsibilities. Daeshim’s birth happened at a troubling time for Korea, however, and political strains were still tense after the war. His father didn’t like the influence it would have on his son, but his wife loved Korea, despite the politics. So they split. Daeshim and his father moved to become citizens of Britain, and his mother stayed in Korea. After eight years, she finally visited them and recognized how much of a spark she’d passed on to her child. She sent him to Portermount, in hopes that he’d be safe there, but on his first night he was bitten by a werewolf. He is a shade werewolf, thanks to his mother’s extreme brightness. He’s restrained from hurting people so far, but his wolf side is harder to control.
house [void]descriptionyear [seventh]

mother [sparked]descriptionfather [mundane]
Daeshim’s mind set is a bit strange. Where he can be intense and focused, he can also completely daze out and retreat to dream-world. He loves being around people and being social, but he does have a shy streak. He really is very smart, but doesn’t seem to recognize it. He occasionally daydreams. He’s usually grounded, though. When he wants to be, he can be very trustworthy. He’s always loyal to people he himself trusts. He doesn’t really reach out to others. Instead, he waits for people to come to him. He’s been left enough to be cautious around potential friends, and he’s made a lot of enemies.

disclaimer! idk wth I’m doing

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description description description description description
description description description description description

P descriptionAdescription Rdescription K descriptionM descriptionAdescription E descriptionT descriptionY descriptionUdescriptions c a v e n g e rdescription

male , biromantic , eighteen , orphan

Maetyu’s history is tragic. He was born on the ship, and his wonderful mother died in childbirth. He blames himself for this; if not for him, she might still be alive. He grew up with only his father as an example. He was neither rich nor powerful, though, and Maetyu grew up in poverty. He and his father worked the dirty, under-the-table jobs, just to survive. Maetyu never blamed his father for this. Every day, his dad would tell him about the endless possibilities once they got back to Earth. Everything would be so much better! He invented a fantasy land for Maetyu to live in.
When he died in the crash, it was all the much harder.
Maetyu only survived by running. His father told him he’d catch up, but he didn’t. A piece of flying metal whacked him in the head and knocked him unconscious, and he was killed by the extensive fumes. Maetyu found his body later, when he was searching for him. He hadn’t given up all hopes of his dad being alive, but when he found him he wasn’t all that shocked. Just broken.
He began to find solace in little things, things he could pick up and look at and observe. Things that weren’t alive, that couldn’t die on him. So, he became a scavenger. His job is to look for those few things that pass as usable. He sees everything though. He could spend days out there.

Endlessly bored is one way to describe Maetyu’s disposition. He always has that too-good vibe. He is kind of lowkey terrifying, though. He’s usually quiet and lets others talk, but he can speak up if he wants. He has a ‘done’ attitude. He’s more of a think-then-speak guy. What he says is usually meaningful and necessary, or else he wouldn’t say it. He’s honest, but blunt. His normally cool persona means he can get away with acting stupid or weird every once in a while, which he does. Inside, he’s actually a total puppy. He loves animals and being around people, though he does prefer to observe rather than interact. He’s serious, but still passionate and caring. He’s tolerating, and when he gets in the mood, very talkative.

He doesn’t really care about his appearance. His hand has a mottled red scar from when he burnt himself on the ship, and he has a few on his torso from nearly fatal wounds trying to save himself in the crash.
His hair is halfway messy most times. He’s still muscular from all of his running to the scavenging spots. However, his figure is fairly small. He’s only 5’9, so that just adds to the charm.

disclaimer! I still don’t know wth I’m doing but that’s ok

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MdescriptionOdescriptionRdescriptionGdescriptionAdescriptionN descriptionBdescriptionEdescriptionNdescriptionNdescriptionEdescriptionTdescriptionT

morgan is … different. her past hasn’t given her anything, and she doesn’t expect anything from her future. she’s cold to the touch. her brain and her heart are separate; her heart is warm, begging for love. her brain says no. she distances herself from others, by insulting and generally being a bitch. she lies, cheats, schemes, and hurts — and repeat. but that’s just who she’s chosen to be, not who she really is. her insides melt at a compliment. her hands get tingly when people notice her.

history is a complicated thing. some of it could be a second ago. someone just died. morgan’s history, though, feels like it happened to a different person. a different life. but it still affected her, for the worse. she was born to a very powerful father and mother, influential to the whole ship. they were constantly busy. no time for morgan, the burden. she was given away when she was three years old, to a couple who wanted her for fame and publicity. her family promised the couple they’d pay them to keep their daughter. she was sold.
years later, she still hated everyone and was being passed around from family to family. she was happy when the ship crashed and killed her parents. no more morgan, the burden. she was finally free.
she was still visibly angry, however, and a few of the families who’d once owned her tried to help her. in the end, she joined the guard force. if she hadn’t, she would’ve had to find a family. plus, being powerful doesn’t hurt.

straight descriptionseventeen descriptioncaucasiandescriptionorphan

disclaimer! this one isn’t the worst but it’s still pretty bad … I still have no idea what I’m doing

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M descriptionA descriptionR descriptionL descriptionE descriptionI descriptionG descriptionH descriptionWdescriptionE descriptionS descriptionTdescription F descriptionI descriptionE descriptionL descriptionD


scout descriptionseventeen descriptionfemale descriptionstraight descriptionshay mitchelldescription

M A R L E I G H has a not-so-complicated past. Though her history is tragic and heartbreaking, it’s blissfully simple. Her relationships, however, aren’t as easily understood. Her mother died of cancer just a few years ago. Her father and brothers were completely heartbroken. Her father sunk into depression, and doesn’t care for any of them. Marleigh is the mom now. She makes dinner for her remaining family each night, and tries to shake her father out of his daze. Her brothers are both now nine.

She tends to push people away, because that’s her first instinct. She doesn’t want to be left again. She has a tough nature and doesn’t want anyone to see her as weak. Her high sense of pride isn’t easy to wound, though she doesn’t take insults in stride. She’s very competitive and driven. She’s fiercely determined in everything she does. She’s always convinced she’s right. She never lets down her guard, and is always on edge. She doesn’t really trust anyone, and doesn’t give any reason to trust her. She’s definitely loyal, though, and will never leave anyone.

disclaimer! cringY please everyone take a big old step back and ignore it.

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「01.」 supernatural
▾ ⋮ name: park hae-kyung
▾ ⋮ species: vampire
▾ ⋮ power lvl: six
▾ ⋮ wealth: 3 (lower class)

▾ ⋮ place of birth: portermount
▾ ⋮ influence: (sun, moon, or shade) moon
▾ ⋮ year: seventh
▾ ⋮ house: elderlock

▾ ⋮ personality:
moody. haekyung can go from 0 - 100 in a matter of seconds. he’s usually in a good mood, but he can be affected easily. his facial expression and overall vibe is sullen & serious. his smiles come and go quickly.
honest. haekyung is painfully honest and blunt, and won’t hesitate to insult someone as long as it’s true. he’s trustworthy and definitely loyal. he respects people usually, and definitely respects himself.
passionate. despite his seriousness, he’s really very passionate about everything he does. he takes time to think about real matters, and when he answers questions they’re usually deeper, well-thought answers. he cares about every living thing. he’s very tolerant and a huge softie inside.

▾ ⋮ history:
▻ first off, let’s get some simple things straight. haekyung is a murderer, yes. but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy. he seriously regrets everything he’s done.
▻ when he first changed, he was living with his mother, father, and younger sister. he loved them to pieces. when he was five, he went out too late at night, and was bitten by a rogue vampire. it ignited his spark. a few days later, he went to the fridge, intending to get a drink to sate his thirst. he blacked out halfway there. and when he awoke, he was lying next to his family’s corpses. they were drained of blood, but he felt warm and light. he felt wonderful. he skipped off to his grandmother’s house, and then the grief fully hit.
▻ his grandmother raised him, fully aware of the spark in his blood. she brought him lamb’s blood from the butcher’s shop once a week. she herself was a pixie, but she didnt want to send him to the institute. he helped her, and he was such a sweetie. eventually, though, her health began to deteriorate, and she came to her senses. haekyung went to addermire, and she stayed in portermount.
▻ haekyung’s transition to school life was hard. he’d never been in a controlled environment like that before, and every second of the day he could smell all the fresh, young blood around him. there were a few bullies, but he paid them no heed. until the night where he was especially thirsty, and a tremor passed through. he accidentally killed his nemesis in the boy’s bathroom. no one knows it was him.
▻ the tremors are affecting him for the worse; he’s distancing himself from people in the terror of killing another, overdrinking his share. of course he’s drunk before without killing, but it’s easy for him to lose control. he doesn’t want it to happen again.

▾ ⋮ lineage:
▻ mother - sparked
▻ father - sparked

disclaimer! this is just a character idea, not a template, and it shucks anyWays.

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quq  (190511) description

kun seokjun



fc - questionable
height: 5'9"
weight: 160 lbs
build: smallish (but still plenty muscular & lithe)
go-to outfit: some kind of loose, long-sleeved shirt, jeans, and his only pair of shoes (black boots)
hair: naturally dark brown, but he's dyed it blonde
eyes: dark brown
skin tone: pale
posture: straight & proud
smiles: small & fleeting
scars/noticeable deformities: one from the bottom of his left ear to his collarbone

moody. seokjun can go from 0 - 100 in a matter of seconds. he’s usually in a good mood, but he can be affected easily. his facial expression and overall vibe is sullen & serious. his smiles come and go quickly.
honest. seokjun is painfully honest and blunt, and won’t hesitate to insult someone as long as it’s true. he’s trustworthy and definitely loyal. he respects people usually, and definitely respects himself.
passionate. despite his seriousness, he’s really very passionate about everything he does. he keeps this feeling under lock and key, though, and rarely lets anyone see it. he takes time to think about real matters, and when he answers questions they’re usually deeper, well-thought answers. he cares about every living thing. he’s very tolerant and a huge softie inside.

seokjun was born into a lower-class family, so from the beginning he was off to a bad start. he always tried to help his parents out, doing his sibling's laundry and making dinners for them. when he was ten, the money problems were getting bad. they were a thousand dollars away from foreclosure on their house. he was desperate and young, and didnt know what to do. there was a group of bad, bad people who offered to give him money if he preformed small jobs for them. of course he agreed, being young as he was. when he was fourteen, he still hadnt paid off his debt. they told him he could do one final job, and they would let him go. a week later, he was a murderer. the gang had lied about leaving him alone. they killed his family and took back their money, and heartbroken seokjun was left to fend for himself.

creative arts (dancing, music)
rainy days
watching & observing

being in the spotlight
coastal climates/hot days
bugs (spiders & butterflies especially)
arrogant people

creative arts

hurting others
expressing feelings
debating civically
talking about his past

very large objects
public speaking

none yet
seokjun is bisexual.
he has trouble forming romantic connections based solely off of appearances, so in order to be in a relationship he must have developed deep emotional ties with the other person.

disclaimer! I never put emojis there … it was just triangles and then google had to go and change it and I’m too lazy to put it back. anyways. this is just for more causal stuff like my easy, one-liner roleplay groups … so yeah, lame, right?

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descriptionseini bennett

though seini grew up as a hawaiian local, she was only 30% truly native. that didn’t seem to matter to anyone else, though. she grew up playing in the kohala ditches with all the village boys and rowing the double-hulled polynesian canoes with the old people’s rowing club. she became as brave as to show her powers, eventually. in the darkest part of the kohala ditch tunnels, at the choppiest waters in the hawai’i-maui strait. just a little bit, here and there. everyone loved it — at least, until the man in red spread his ideas to the big island.
then, she was hunted.


seini has a different kind of magic. most of it is inside her.
although, she has the traditional kind too - called mana by hawaiians.
her personality draws people like tourists to the beach. she’s usually satisfied and chill. very outgoing, too, though she does have a bit of a bad-girl vibe. she’s never, ever afraid to get her hands dirty. she has a temper, though, and it’s fierce. she may be a bit too trusting, but she knows it. even after all of her family turned on her.
weaknesses : trusting , too lenient
strengths : compassionate , enthusiastic
orientation & gender : straight (mostly) , female
parent & role : hecate , camper
age : eighteen

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lee haemin | 19 + male + pansexual + disappeared + moon bin

- reader
- closed off & secretive & tends to steer the conversation away from himself
- but still really nice
- definitely trustworthy
- good listener
- lot of pent up sadness
- forgiving

- older brother
- went to war
- died
- had always promised to stay with him
- especially bc his family ties aren’t that strong

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quq  (190511)

lacey henderson | 18 + female + heterosexual + disappeared + bea regner

- kinda mean
- battle hardened
- never gosspiy
- still secretive
- definitely will lie to you for her own gain
- occasionally cares about people but it’s rare

- her family was poor
- they had like six kids
- so one day they kicked her out bc she cost them too much
- so she lived on the streets & occasionally in orphanages
- met a little girl and kinda became pals but she was reading the book aloud to her and disappeared

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quq  (190511) omg i totally forgot about this sksks

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