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Tiffany Tiffany Aug 20, 2018 12:20AM
Hello everyone,

I just read Captive Prince by C.S Pacat and I really loved it. But I have some difficulties to find something similar on two points:
- I really loved the fact that there was a "dominant", Damens and a more fragile one, Laurent but who was able to defend himself, wasn't a princess in distress.
- And really really important, it's the pace of the relationship. It took them two books to make them sleep together and a third to make them understand how they care about each other. I really loved how they protect each other, when they can. That's one of the reason i didn't liked run and cut, they slept together almost immediatly....

So, please, if you have any suggestions of MM Series, feel free to hit me up or respond to this topic

Hi! Check out my page if you are curious. If you tell me what your in the mood for I can also give recommendations!
SJ Himes
Megan Derr
These are two of my favorite authors.

Check out Witchmark by C L Polk. It's not a 'romance' per say, but it's a fantasy story with a realtionship that builds over the course of the book. It's the first of the series- so I'm excted to see where it goes. Also check out anything by K J Charles.

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