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message 1: by Frey (new)

Frey Solomon | 2 comments Hi all! I was looking for a Minneapolis area book club and I found this one.
I'm not seeing any recent activity here but I just wanted to see if any one would be interested in getting a new one going.
Let me know, thanks!

message 2: by Scott (new)

Scott McVay (nodtonothing) | 2 comments If you're looking for other than an online group, Frey, have you ever checked out Moon Palace books in the Minneapolis just off Lake Street? They have several (Wild Reads and I think there's a scifi group and a few others). Their new building even has a cafe.

message 3: by Chouree (new)

Chouree Lee | 1 comments Same here!! Would love to join a local Mpls book club as well!

message 4: by Frey (new)

Frey Solomon | 2 comments Thanks Scott, I just looked at the Moon Palace website but didn't see many options for active book clubs that meet in person. Maybe I'll stop by and check it out any way.

Chouree, I found one called the minneapolis girly book club that meets every month. Check out the website and see if it's one that you might be interested in.

message 5: by Scott (new)

Scott McVay (nodtonothing) | 2 comments I was there last night on my way to the Trylon - I think they have six. Wild Reads, Film (often in conjunction with a film over at the Trylon, the little local theater), and more. Sorry I didn't just snap a photo so I had a list.

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