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By the Shores of the Middle Sea (Silk and Song Trilogy, #2)
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annapi | 5153 comments At the end of the first book Johanna and her horse Night Wind are taken captive by a Persian sheik, leaving her friend Jaufre stabbed in the back by the sheik's son. The story is told from the split points of view of Johanna and Jaufre, as Johanna tries to escape the harem and Jaufre is struggling to recover.

Lots of good adventure here! Even so I was surprised that I finished this overnight. This is much faster paced than the first book and every bit as entertaining, if not more. On to book 3!

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Joanne (joabroda1) | 8406 comments I have never read this author-just checked her out on GR-WOW, she has a lot of books. I love a good series, I am going to have to look at the books and see what I might read-thanks for the tip!

annapi | 5153 comments As with any series, I find that her first books are not as good as later ones. I love her Kate Shugak series, but don't give up if the first one is not to your taste. I promise they get much better as her character develops.

Her other mystery series, featuring Liam Campbell, is not as good IMO but still engaging. I have never read her sci-fi. And it looks like she is starting another historical fiction series, coming out in December, set in Cleopatra's time. I'm looking forward to that!

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