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message 1: by Zheena, Killer Queen (new)

Zheena (black-destiny) | 40 comments Other then this group does any one have any other Goodreads or non-Goodreads book clubs/groups that they belong to?

I myself am a member of the Vaginal Fantasy book club, The Sword and Laser and The Black Company groups here on Goodreads.

I really do recommend checking them out!

message 2: by John (new)

John Thomas Downing JR (johnthomasdowningjr) | 1 comments Hello and Good Evening from Vincennes, Indiana. My name is John and it’s nice to meet you all. This is my first GoodReads book club I’ve joined. I didn’t know GoodReads even had groups. I thought it just tracked your books and made recommendations.

I do belong to a Facebook group that is about reading on Kindles and books we all like but rarely is there a group read. I also am part of a small 4 person book club my friends and I started years ago and we use a small Squarespace site I created so we can post about the current book we are reading since we moved away from each other awhile back.

I like the idea of a small group that reads a book and discusses it without an expectation of strict formality. I want to try new genres and books and read other opinions about it and share some of my own. Basically just have s fun time reading and sharing is my goal.

If someone can explain to me how this group is organized and how/where we post on the latest read I would appreciate it. I see there was a book that started and ended both in September 1. Was it a one day read?

Thank you.

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