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JINNIK: The Asset
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Gideon Asche (gideonasche) | 6 comments My name is Gideon D. Asche; I’m kind of new to this.

I’m just an old spook turned writer because someone told me it might silence some of the demons.
It didn’t work, but I ended up with a manuscript, and oddly enough someone wanted to publish it which is how I ended up here.

I have written several historical pieces for Military publications over the years, but this is my first Novel.

I was wondering what I need to do to get a few of you to take a look at, and possibly evaluate Jinnik: the Asset.

I would be more than happy to send a hard copy for evaluation.

Jinnik: The Asset is a fact-based historical novel chronicling the exploits of an eight-man human intelligence team working behind the Iron Curtain between 1979 and 1988.
Not chosen for any extraordinary combat skills, or because of his Super-Soldier status, Gideon’s recruitment was because he had a knack for smuggling and an unusual ability to make friends. Everyone Liked Gideon, but no one was sure why.
Six men and two strong women, with nothing in common other than the willingness to put their lives on the line to give liberty a chance.
Ten years of living in the shadows take a toll on even the strongest operator – KGB interrogators took care of anything the job didn't destroy.

Gideon's career ends inside a KGB interrogation cell. He survives, but only physically. Of the eight original members of AG-31, only three made it to old age, Gideon was the last of the three.

I spent almost ten years as a clandestine Human Intelligence Operator behind the Iron Curtain -- I am, therefore, uniquely qualified to write about that period of history.

Any advice, direction or help would be greatly appreciated. My wife keeps threatening to pimp me out at the local old folk’s home if she doesn’t get some return on her 27-year investment in my pretty soon

and good reading.

Gideon D. Asche

Bibliographic Information
Title Jinnik: The Asset
Author Gideon D. Asche

Publisher Black Rose Writing, 2018
ISBN 1684330475, 9781684330478
Length 392 pages
Historical Fiction, thriller, espionage

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Jen_Ken a.k.a....Jenny from the block | 180 comments Message me for my address and I’ll provide the community with a honest review

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Gideon Asche (gideonasche) | 6 comments Thank you - I will PM you


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