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Female characters that overcome
Sandy Sandy Aug 19, 2018 11:05AM
Hi, I am looking for recommendations for books/series (romance, paranormal, urban fantasy, fantasy, historical) where the main female lead has been traumatized in some way (abuse, rape, etc.) or has some disability or disfigurement that she has to overcome. I am not super thrilled with the idea that the main male character JUST has to sleep with her to make everything OK.

Would be open to some contemporary in the vein of Catherine Anderson.
Also not a huge fan of westerns but for the right story, I would be willing to consider it.

Here are some books that come to mind:
Alpha & Omega series By Patricia Briggs
This is All I ask By Lynn Kurland
Keegan's Lady By Catherine Anderson
Annie's Song By Catherine Anderson

Any and all suggestions welcome, and I thank you.

I would recommend:
In Bed With a Highlander by Maya Banks
Highlander Most Wanted by Maya Banks
Devil of the Highlands by Lynsay Sands
Dark Lover by J. R. Ward

Sandy Those were all amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond! I really appreciate it!
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