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message 1: by Tony (new)

Tony Whitt (goodreadscomemperordalek) | 102 comments Mod
Here we are discussing Terrance Dicks' novelization of THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMEN! If you want to hear your review of or comments on this book read on the air, or you have a specific question about the book, please post it here by no later than midnight CST on Tuesday, September 4!

message 2: by Bart (new)

Bart Lammey | 12 comments When I was a kid I must’ve read this soon after Time Meddler and started mixing up the Monastery details between the two. Hopefully you guys get in at least one GI pun :)

message 3: by T.E. (new)

T.E. | 16 comments This is one of those stories where reading the book is more comfortable than revisiting the audio, because on paper the strengths of the story are drawn out. You can imagine the show made today, with a ethnically diverse cast, and filming on a mountainside that is more convincingly Tibetan than (the admittedly spectacular of its own right) Snowden.

There are time the monks do feel a little flattened and stereotypical, but by and large they are more rounded characters on the page than they get to be on screen, Victoria is at her peak, managing to be both inquisitive, and vulnerable, with her "screaming girl" moments used to suggest she is the companion who does what she has to despite being (understandably) scared. Jamie gets a little more charm than he has shown in other books. Best of all the villain of the piece gets to feel much more of an other-worldly, perhaps even Lovecraftian menace.

An ethereal, intangible, intelligence is always going to be a difficult villain to portray on screen, but it has great potential for the page. As well as it works here, it sometimes feels frustratingly just short of something truly terrifying. If this had been written with a little more embellishment from what was seen on screen, we might have had truly horrifying descriptions of what it was like for the characters whose minds were touched, or overpowered by the Great Intelligence. To feel the invader shifting through their thoughts, or to lose control of their own bodies as they became a puppet, or to feel the parasite burrowing deep down into their very being.

message 4: by Michael (new)

Michael (bigorangemichael) | 53 comments With only episode 2 in the archives, I've turned to the audio and Terrance Dicks' adaptation to experience this one. Not to say Dicks' novel wasn't memorable, but I listened to it five years ago and then listened again recently because I couldn't recall much, if anything, about my original time hearing it.

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