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message 1: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Richardson (rionahlarsen) | 2 comments I haven't written in a while. Recently, I was struck with some inspiration and, well, would like feedback before I get too far.
This story is planned to be broken into two books, and will be a companion to another story I started, but haven't completed. My intention is to write this story to stand on its own. The basic premise of the story is a mythological world is in danger of collapse due to an impending war in this world. The three daughters of Aiofe (sister of Scathach) are sent to this world to try to mend the rift.
Thanks in advance! =)

message 2: by Beth (new)

Beth Smith | 9 comments Hi Michelle,

I'd be interested in reading this. I haven't done any beta reading before but I'm an avid reader and am currently in the process of editing my first novel. I read a lot of urban fantasy and I find Celtic mythology fascinating so would definitely be up for reading your scene and giving you some feedback if you think this would be useful.

Hope this helps :)

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