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Suggest books for me > Adult romance series like Bullet Catcher, Crimetells, and TFLAC

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message 1: by Crystal (new)

Crystal | 38 comments Looking for series that feature agents going undercover, spying ect. Any length of story is ok. Thanks, always looking for new books to read.

message 2: by Ann aka Iftcan (new)

Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6966 comments Mod
There are a lot of series with SEALS, private agencies, Marines, Army friends etc that are romances. Maya Banks has a series The KGI series (one of her books was the forgotten title a member of our group was searching for and it was found today, is how I remember it.) Is that what you are looking for? The Darkest Hour was that particular book.

message 3: by Crystal (new)

Crystal | 38 comments I have also read the wonderful KGI series. Yes, I am just looking for great series to read. Thanks for the suggestion.

message 4: by L J (new)

L J Sexier than some others mentioned though no sexier than some Maya Banks.
Lora Leigh Elite Ops is probably the closest match, but also take a look at Tempting SEALS and Wounded Warriors series.

message 5: by Crystal (new)

Crystal | 38 comments Thanks for the tip. I have read some of those, but not the complete series. Still open to more suggestions.

message 6: by L J (new)

L J Have you tried Suzanne Brockmann Troubleshooter series? I also liked her Tall, Dark & Dangerous series but some won't even try those because they started as category romance.
Is TFLAC an exception or do you also want series that combine military romantic suspense with paranormal?

message 7: by Crystal (new)

Crystal | 38 comments I have read some of Suzanne Brockmann Troubleshooter series but not the Tall, Dark & Dangerous. I will look it that one. Any series recommendations is awesome. Even just secret organization that fight crime with both male and female agents, doesn't have to be former military. Any genre of romance is fine. Thanks.

message 8: by Ann aka Iftcan (new)

Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6966 comments Mod
A sci-fi romance series that I'm not quite sure that you would like, but it's a good series. The only problem is, it's 5 books by 4 different authors. Fortunately, I have all so, the order to read them is:

The Legend of Banzai Maguire is book 1--2 U.S. female fighter pilots are forced to bail out of their planes over North Korea because an EM pulse has killed all their electronics. They are captured by a nutso scientist who decides to use them in one of his cryogenics experiments. Suddenly they find themselves 150 or so years in the future, and set out to 'save the world' as it were, and put democracy into effect again (or something like that, it's been a few years since I read the books.) Each book is about a different woman and her finding her HEA.

Day of Fire Book 2
The Shadow Runners book 3
The Power of Two book 4
The Scarlet Empress book 5 (books 1 and 5 were both written by the same author.)

message 9: by Crystal (new)

Crystal | 38 comments Sounds interesting, I will look into those. Thanks

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