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Phoenix~They/Them ((>.< >.< >.< >.< >.< >.<))

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Yuki walked into town with Lyra. A kitten came up to Yuki and she picked it up. "Lyra, This is Sprinkles. She's the local cat that greets newcomers and those who enter town." Yuki said, introducing the small kitten.

Phoenix~They/Them "Awe." Lyra said as she looked at the kitten. "She's adorable." She said.

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The kitten meowed quietly. "She might be cute, but she's totally spoiled." Yuki said. The kitten meowed at Yuki angrily. "Watch the language. I'm the one who feeds you." She said to the cat as she placed her back on the ground.

Phoenix~They/Them "You can speak to cats?" She asked.

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"Well yeah. I'm only part demon. My mother was a Meifwa, so naturally i can speak to animals." Yuki said.

Phoenix~They/Them "That's nice." Lyra said.

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"It's probably best not to get a cat by the way. I had this kitten and dog once, and i swear to god they were planning my assassination." Yuki said. She looked at some guy who had walked up to them. "hey are you coming to our concert today?" The boy asked. "Hm.. I don't know Katzu... Hey Lyra, Do you want to see the Pervert perform or do you want to hit the Arcade?" Yuki asked Lyra.

Phoenix~They/Them "Arcade?" She asked, not knowing what an arcade was. "What is an arcade?" She looked over at Yuki waiting for her to tell her.

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"Hm.. It's a place where you play games. I honestly don't go there all that much, I don't really trust machines all that much." Yuki said. "You'd rather go to that place then see your own band perform on their own for the first time?" The boy, Katzu asked. Yuki looked at him for a moment before turning back to Lyra, not saying a word.

Phoenix~They/Them Lyra looked at Katzu, "Ah, you must be Katzu then." She guessed. She looked at Yuki, "You have a band?" She asked confused.

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"Hm? Yeah! I took a couple years away from school and i met some people. We formed a band and Katzu joined this year when I came back and found he had enrolled in my school. It's mainly the reason I hide my face when I'm in town." Yuki said. "Yeah. Yuki is very cold toward our fans though." Katzu said, chuckling a bit.

Phoenix~They/Them "Cool, can I see, I'm quite curious to see what a band is like." She said.

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"Hm? Sure. I can take you to meet them before the concert starts if you want." Yuki said. "So you'll watch the concert?" Katzu asked. "Only because my friend wants to." Yuki said coldy. "Yay!" he said, attempting to hug her but she stepped to the side and he fell on the ground. "ow..." he whined.

Phoenix~They/Them Lyra looked at Yuki, a small smile on her face, happy to be seen as a friend, not just a Jinn that grants wishes. She wanted to hug Yuki but seeing as she side stepped Katzu from hugging her she decided against it. "Thanks." Lyra told Yuki.

((Think of this, a 1000 year old Jinn, used for wish granting and couldn't refuse her "master" getting her first friend who doesn't think of her as just something to grant wishes with, but instead as a friend to hang out with))

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"No problem." Yuki said, smiling. "Why'd you side step me?" Katzu whined, still on the ground. "For as long as you've known me, You should already know I'm not the type to like hugs." Yuki said. "But Yuiiiii..." he whined. She ignored him and turned back to Lyra. "Wanna go meet the other members? This one is kind of hopeless." Yuki said.

Phoenix~They/Them ((I think Jinn's can also make things appear, if you've seen Genie in Aladdin so would it be possible if she made a notebook appear to take notes on))

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((I have to do the dishes, so i might reply late.))

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Phoenix~They/Them Lyra made a scroll like paper appear with a quill(Going old school) to take notes. "Im ready." She said, eager to take notes.

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Yuki took her to a small stage that was set up. She took her behind the curtains. There were 4 people there, one female and 3 males. "Hey whatsup Manager!" Yuki said to the girl. She smiled, before she could say anything, 2 of the boys attempted to hug her, but she side stepped them. "Yuki. Where have you been these past 2 months? Do you know how many concerts you missed?" One of the boys said, one of the guitarist who was tuning his guitar. "So the one nagging at me about missing concerts is Max, He plays base. He's the bad boy of the group. He has the third biggest fanbase in our band." Yuki said, ignoring him.

Phoenix~They/Them Lyra began writing taking notes as she listened and nodded.

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"The idiots on the ground are the twins of the group. Their Personalities are somewhat like Hikaru and Kaoru from Ouran Highschool host club. Ironically enough, they have the same names. But Kaoru is the older twin and more Mature. Their Positions in the band are Guitarist. Their Fanbase is almost as big as Max's." Yuki said. She then looked at the guy at the drums. "His name is Alec. He's our drummer. He and Katzu are the double threat of our group, the flirts. He and Katzu have the 2nd biggest fanbase in this band." Yuki explained and the drummer boy winked at them.

Phoenix~They/Them Lyra listened while she took her notes about who the people where, she looked up, "What else?" She asked.

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"Yuki!" Someone yelled happily. A little boy, who looked to be around 10, ran up to Yuki and hugged her. Surprisingly enough, she didn't side step him. "Lastly, Lucas. He does special effects. Like me, he is a demon. He's also my son." Yuki said calmly as she pat the kid on the head. "Adopted kid of course." Kaoru said as he helped Hikaru up.

Phoenix~They/Them Lyra watched silently as she finished taking notes, then respectfully bowed "Nice to meet you all." She said with a smile.

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"Nice to meet you cutie!" The drummer said. Yuki threw something at his head and he dodged, just barely. "It's nice to meet you Miss." The twins say politely as they bowed at the same time. "'Sup." Max said. "They might be a bit out there, but their mostly good people." Yuki said, smiling sweetly. The twins and the drummer gasped. "She actually smiled at someone other than Her son." The drummer said. "I just don't smile around you idiots. I don't introduce you to my friends for a reason. You guys always overreact, like you did when you met Katzu." Yuki said coldly.

Phoenix~They/Them Lyra giggled, "I'm Lyra." She said with a smile, the notes disappearing in an instant as she looked around.

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"It's a please to meet you, Miss Lyra." A male voice said behind her. "Oh..That's our manager's boyfriend. He helps set up the stage." Yuki said, she had totally forgotten about him. He wasn't all that important.

Phoenix~They/Them Lyra turned around to the voice.

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The person whom the voice belonged to was tall and had black hair. The man's outfit looked a lot like a bartender's. "I'm Fred. It's a pleasure." He said politely. "He and The manager are the only normal ones in the lot." Yuki said.

Phoenix~They/Them "Nice to meet you too Fred." Lyra said with a smile.

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Yuki looked out at the crowd and checked her watch. "Well the show's about to start. We should probably join the crown." She said taking Katzu's hoodie and putting it on. "If He complains, tell him Kitten took it for protection." She told the twins. They nodded and she put her cat mask back on.

Phoenix~They/Them Lyra smiled and said, "Let's go then."

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Yuki hopped off the stage and helped Lyra down. "The concerts about to start!" Yuki said, imitating a fangirl's voice. Everyone immediately stopped whispering and stared at the stage.

((Time Skip to after the concert?))

Phoenix~They/Them ((Yep))

Lyra followed Yuki and smiled.

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((Narrator: 'Sup. I'm BACK! Time skip to after the concert!))

Everyone in the crowd was clapping. Two girls behind them were whispering. "Too bad TheDarkFlameLord wasn't in this concert." one girl said. "Yeah, I guess she had another Hospital trip. She'll probably be back soon." The other said. "Well. Want to go backstage, i have to return Katzu's hoodie." Yuki said, ignoring the girls behind her, clearly fans of hers.

Phoenix~They/Them "TheDarkFlameLord?" Lyra asked confused, before looking at Yuki and nodded.

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"Hm? It's my stage name. Can't have everyone knowing my identity." Yuki said. "I started off as Lieutenant Edge Lord, But changed it along the line. At some point I was known as 'The Prince', which most fans still refer to me as." Yuki said, helping her climb the stage.

Phoenix~They/Them Lyra nodded and said, "Alright." She smiled as she climbed onto the stage.

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Yuki walked through the curtains. "Hello Princess-" Katzu began to say and Yuki through his hoodie at his face. She took off the mask and glared at him. "Call me princess one more time and we are going to have some problems." Yuki hissed.

Phoenix~They/Them Lyra giggled as she watched.(Running out of things to say -_-)

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((Ooof, Didn't see this))

"Hey Lyra. It's getting pretty late. Wanna head back to campus?" Yuki asked.

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