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Kate S | 6264 comments Style Categories and Bonuses

1. Combo (5 points): Read a book for one task that could have applied to another task as well. If a book applies to one other task, you will receive 5 style points. If it applies to two other tasks, you will receive 10 points...and so on.

2. Prizeworthy Prize-Worthy (5 to 15 points): Reward yourself for reading award-winning books. If a book has won a Literary award, you will receive 5 style points. If the book has won two awards, you will receive 10 points. If the book has won three or more awards, you will receive 15 points. No nominees, silver/bronze, finalist, short or longlist etc. status will earn this style. An award will appear on the GR book page.

3. Review (10 points): Inquiring minds want to know your thoughts about the books you’ve read, so help us grow our to-be-read lists by posting a 100+ word review with your completed task.

4. Oldies (5 to 25 points): Put down the bestseller list and read something with a bit more mileage on it. Based on a book's original publication date, style points will be awarded according to the following scale:
-25 to 75 years old: 5 points (1943-1993)
-76 to 150 years old: 10 points (1868-1942)
-151 to 250 years old: 15 points (1768-1867)
-251 to 400 years old: 20 points (1618-1767)
-400+ years old: 25 points (1617 and older).

5. Jumbo (5 to 25 points): Receive extra points for reading big books according to the following scale:
500-699 Pages: 5 Points
700-799 Pages: 10 Points
800-899 Pages: 15 Points
900-999 Pages: 20 Points
1000+ Pages: 25 Points.

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Kate S | 6264 comments Completion Bonuses

1. RwS Finish (100 points): Complete all Reading with Style tasks (20 book minimum -- one claimed for task points for each 10 & 20 point task. Using a book for combo points for a task does not qualify as completing that task).

2. Mega Finish (200 points): Complete all Reading with Style tasks and sub-challenge (15-point) tasks. (30 book minimum -- at least one book claimed for task points for each task. Using a book for combo points for a task does not qualify as completing that task and a book may only be claimed for task points once).

A note on young adult books: If you want to claim style points for YA, you can do so--with one catch: You must have read a YA novel (designated YA, Assignment, or Juv by the Brooklyn Public Library) with a Lexile score of at least 800. Not familiar with Lexile? Want to find out if your book has a high enough score...go here.

A note on graphic novels: Graphic novels can be read and claimed for tasks, unless otherwise specified. However, they are not eligible for style points.

Other Rewards*:
1. Group Reads -- the Winter 2018-19 "group reads" books will be chosen by a combination of moderators, mega-finishers, and members that read at least 5 books and earn the highest percentage of Prizeworthy points in the Fall 2018 Challenge.

2. 10-point task creation -- the top three readers for the Fall 2018 Challenge, as determined by overall points, will each get to create a 10-point task for the Winter 2018-19 Challenge.

3. 20-point task creation -- the "most strategic" reader, the member that, on average, earns the most points per book (with a 5 book minimum) will have the opportunity to create a 20-point task for the Winter 2018-19 Challenge. In calculating this number, we are taking into account the Task & Style points for the RwS tasks, and the Task, Bonus, and Completion points for the sub-challenge. The RwS Finish & the Mega-finish will not be included in the calculation, so that members who are unable to read more than 20 books in three months have an equal chance at being the "most strategic reader" as our fastest readers.

4. Random -- All participants (except mods) who claim at least five books during the Fall 2018 season will be automatically entered into a drawing for a $25 US Amazon gift card to be awarded at the beginning of the Winter 2018-19 season. As this will repeat from season to season, the winner will not have won the drawing in either of the two previous seasons.

* although participants may be eligible for multiple rewards, only one will be granted per challenge. (Random excepted)
* Participants that create tasks for three consecutive challenges are ineligible for a task-creation reward on the fourth. Instead, the member will be asked to submit a group read book. Eligibility is reinstated on the following challenge.

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