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Don Phelan (goodreadscomdonphelan) | 6 comments When an American billionaire and a foreign dictator conspire to steal America's secret supercollider in a scheme to hold global economy hostage, Sarah Carmichael, a rising star in the world of astrophysics, and her mentor, Dr. John Logan, a renowned astrophysicist, make it their mission to take them down by whatever means necessary. There's just one problem: It seems everyone is trying to kill them.

Sarah and Logan witness events which defy the laws of physics. Logan believes the gravitational anomalies are caused by man's tinkering with the Higgs boson Particle—the God Particle. As he prepares to blow the whistle publicly, he is dealt a tragic blow and runs for his life.

With Russian KGB loyalists closing in, Sarah frantically searches the French Quarter for Ruby, a woman with a questionable past. Ruby is Sarah's only clue to finding Dr. Logan, who she believes holds the missing pieces to the puzzle.

Estimated release date. November, 2018. Follow me for updates and release notices.

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Fiona Forsyth | 12 comments Mod
I love it when scientists are heroes!

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