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J.L. Feaman | 3 comments Looking for 3-5 people that can read and answer a few questions about the book and provide feedback within next 2-3 weeks of receiving the copy. Looking for feedback on the plot/story. Book does have explicit language and sexual content.

Please send me a message if interested.
Title: Be Still My Heart
Copy: Pre-edited copy for beta read. Will be PDF or Word.
Autor: J.L. Feaman (NEW Independent author)
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

"I’m just not good at relationships. I don’t even know if I know how to love a man or worse yet, how to be loved by one. I made the decision a long time ago that I was just better off alone. Even when I was with my ex, I was alone. That’s all I know. No one has ever really understood me, or maybe I just never let anyone in? That is until, I met Kris August, actor, musician, and well-known playboy. I knew he was wrong for me, but something about him felt so right."

“Be Still My Heart”, is a fun and steamy tale of two lost souls who find a love and an irresistible passion like neither of them have ever experienced before.

Amber Johnson finds herself divorced from a horrible marriage and an empty nester in the same year. Leary of love, she is content in being alone. Her work brings her on tour with “The Right Stuff” band where she reluctantly falls in love with playboy-musician and actor Kris August. Amber quickly realizes that a relationship with someone famous brings a series of challenges, and a dark turn of events leaves both Kris and Amber questioning their relationship. Will love win?

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Pax Sinclair | 6 comments Hi J.L.,
Would you consider a beta swap? My steamy romance is about the same word count. I've posted my request in this same folder. topic title: 61k completed novel, Contemporary Romance Erotica.

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