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Do Dragons really Exist?!

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Sophie Has any of you have read the publisher's note on this book? Unlike other books on dragons which say things like "please note that the dragons in this book were made up for the audience's entertainment" or something similar, this note is different. It says:

The publication in 2003 of Dr. Ernest Drake's book DRAGONOLOGYGY, THE COMPLETE BOOK OF DRAGONS sparked a great deal of interest in the study of dragons, with much subsequent rummaging in antiquarian bookshops and attics in search of Drake material. This earlier student's volume turned up on the bookshelf of an old public house called THE CANNY LANE in Edinburgh. While we would still not prefer to claim that there was ever a real Dr.Drake, it seem circumstantial evidence for his existence is growing all the time. Nevertheless, this book must be viewed as just another of those "interesting curiosities" that appear in libraries and bookshops from time to time. The Five Mile Press.

So there IS a chance that Dr. Ernest Drake did exist. There IS a chance the dragons fly the Earth. There IS a chance that the Secret and Ancient Society of Dragonologygy (S.A.S.D) works to this very day. What do you think? If you could be apart of the S.A.S.D, would you?

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Sophie I definitely would.

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